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    XPERIA S vs Galaxy S2

    I have been using a "dumb"phone for the past 5 years and I am finally ready to make the jump to a smartphone. I have listed down the above phones as suitable candidates based on their price (both costing about 25k on flipkart). So now, I need your help on deciding which way I should go. At...
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    [Want to Buy] Laptop for 25k

    I am okay with any of the trusted brands. Preferably a netbook as I am not very comfortable with the idea of carrying around those huge 15.6" laptops with num pads. My priorities are: 1. Good battery life. 2. OS present. As in Win7 HB. 3. Decent screen resolution. 4. At least 2 GB of RAM...
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    Graphics Unit BSOD ------ Blue dots and system crashes

    HP Envy 14 1015TX Intel Core i5 450M ATi Mobility Radeon 5650 500 GB HDD Operating System Installed : Windows 7 Home Premium My computer has switchable graphics. I hadn't used the high performance graphics unit for quite some time. Could be 3 to 4 months. Recently after procuring a game, I...
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    HP Pre 3 and HP Veer

    Does anyone have any idea about whether these two phones are going to be launched in India or not? I checked out the Veer. It's uber cool.
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    Budget of 18k. STRICT. Cellphone

    I have a budget of 18,000 no more no less. I want the best phone possible. Any OS works for me. But I would like to have a decent number of apps at my disposal to download :D But just out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea how much the HP Pre 3 is going to cost? webOS looks awesome...
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    HP Envy 14 beats edition (Dr. Dre/black and red)

    Does anyone know when/if the HP Envy 14 Beats edition laptop is coming to india? I called up HP and they only know about the plain Envy 14.
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    help needed!! space missing on ubuntu

    I insatlled ubuntu on my compaq nx612 laptop just yesterday using wubi. I had 4 partitions of my 160 gb hard drive. 16gb - main windows partition, two partitions of around 40gb each and one last partition of 53gb. i isntalled ubuntu on E which had around 40gb as mentioned earlier. now after...
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