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    background resizing for blog

    i am working on a new blog . for the background , i want a gradient which will resize itself according to the screen resolution of the user . if anyone can help me with : 1. a gradient maker - i searched on google .. only one is useful and it isnt that good. 2. how to make the...
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    Cant boot into Vista (Ubuntu works fine)

    Hey .. firstly , i have read many threads before posting this . i believe my case is a bit different so posting a new thread . i installed Ubuntu yesterday on my HP laptop . it had Vista pre installed .i installed ubuntu without any problem . Everything worked perfectly . I logged into...
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    help me choose my new handset ..

    hey .. i hve been looking at a lot of handsets . bt i cnt make up which one would suit me .so please help me out . I will b browsing net with it most of the time , so Internet capability (with WiFi) is d top priority . and second comes , looks . should be decent looking at least . m fine...
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    need ramesh gaonkar ebook !

    hey guys .. any1 of u have the 8085 micro processor ebook by ramesh gaonkar . need it urgently ! thnks in advance ...
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    Spyker to be renamed Force India F1 in 2008

    SAO PAULO: The Spyker F1 team will be renamed Force India F1 in 2008, the team's new owners said on Saturday, confirming the arrival of India as a sporting and economic force in the world's highest echelon of motor racing. Spyker F1 were purchased earlier this month by Indian billionaire...
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    need printer-scanner with bluetooth

    hey guys .. i need a printer-scanner with bluetooth .. i went to the HP store n they told me they dnt hve any with bluetooth (!!!) . theres 3 laptops in our house .. n without bluetooth it would b very difficult to work . so guys .. pls recommend wht u think is best .. thnks !
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    Bought new fone ... a few probs..Help !

    hey .. i bought a samsung d900i yesterday . i want answers to sme very basic questions .. 1.I m under Hutch .how do i remove d operator name frm d screen . 2. after i put my memory card , a small logo was put in d upper panel . when i removed it , d logo was gone . nw , mt memory card...
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    DVD drive not reading DIGIT dvd

    today i bought a samsung dvd writer . although it plays the dvd which was given with it and also movie dvds .. it does not play any of my digit dvd's ... pls tell me wht to do ...
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