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    Geforce gt 640 price review and buying advice needed

    hi friends i have never ever brought a pc component without a proper discussion form online expert forum now again i need some suggestion recently my 9400gt which is five years old died this month fan is running but no display it was xfx now these days i don't see xfx boards based gpu much...
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    14th feb gift to your Valentine {don't forget !!}

    hi lads The day is arriving and i am getting nervous day by day seriously mark this date in all kinds of scheduler guys last year i missed it completely this year i am planning a dinner with her and buying a ck perfume for her surprise:shock: hope she is not reading this and what you guys...
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    corsair GS 500 price help [Kolkata]

    hi friends this is my first post though i have been following you guys for years i want to know the price of corsair gs 500 in chandni in kolkata
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