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    Dell Inspiron 1520 Gaming Laptop!!

    With the 1730 gaming laptops around the corner, I've decided to sell my sparingly used Dell Inspiron 1520 gaming and entertainment laptop for a bargain. Its a great machine for entertainment and gaming on the move.I could run games like Crysis (medium to high settings), Unreal Tournament 3 (all...
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    Brand New 8800GTS 512MB for sale!

    Hey guys! A pal of mine is returning from the US today so i asked him to get a 8800GTS 512MB for me. I'm willing to sell it here for Rs.22,000 on first come first serve basis. This is a bargain cosidering that its predecessor, the 8800GT 512MB created quite a stir in the budget gaming range...
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    Importing a Laptop (Urgent!)

    hello everybody i'll be going to malaysia soon for 4 days and I'm planning to buy a laptop there and bring it with me when I return to India. what I wanna know is,am I gonna have to pay any import duty for the laptop? please keep in mind I'm an Indian resident going abroad on a 4 day vacation...
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    ASUS EAX X1950 PRO 256 MB Graphics Card

    For Sale in Bangalore Only! ASUS EAX X1950 Pro 256MB PCI-Express Graphics Card The card is around 6 months old and in an excellent and perfectly working condition. Included in the sale are all the cables,driver cds,an ASUS leather cd pouch with a 16 cd capacity(unused),the box,connectors and the...
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    ASUS EAX 1950 Pro 256 MB

    Hello everybody! I've decided to sell my ASUS EAX 1950 Pro (256 MB) PCI Express GFX card.I bought it 3 months ago at a price of Rs.12,500 + taxes(bill included) Reason For Sale - 8800 GTX of course!Need to shell out 30k+ for that! This card is the perfect choice for more than just casual...
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    Career Guidance Needed!

    My regards to all the gurus,geeks,noobs and novices I'm a 22 year old commerce graduate who's gradually slipping into depression :( unless..i see some light on this thread My passion for computers came along when it was too late for me to change the path I had chosen..(commerce) And now that...
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    Online Games

    Hello everybody! I'm using a 256kb airtel "broadband" connection and each time I try connecting to online ut2004 servers there's a severe lag..i mean the ping is really bad since most of the hosts r based in the US...making the game unplayable this is the case for almost all the online games...
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    A Gamer's Dilemma

    Hello Everybody! I'm gonna upgrade my system soon and I've decided to go for ASUS EAX 1950 Pro 256 MB PciE GFX Card selling @ Rs.12500 Now the problem is that the mid range DX10 cards are gonna be around soon,and I can't really decide whether I should wait for the DX10 cards or go ahead and buy...
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    AMD 64 Bit System For Sale (Bangalore Only)

    Hi! I'm upgrading my system this weekend and I've decided to sell my old system which is almost a year old and in excellent working condition The system specs are as follows AMD Athlon 3000+ 64 Bit Processor 512 MB DDR RAM 400Mhz Transcend Seagate 80 GB HDD 7200 RPM Gigabyte Motherboard With 1...
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