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    DVD not recognized

    I had created a mini dvd with samsung camcorder and finalized it. But this DVD is not recognized on my PC. I used it on other PC as well, but same problem. It works fine on that camcorder and dvd player. Please Help Me!!
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    Contacts Problem in Galaxy pop

    I have a strange contacts problem with samsung galaxy pop. Some of my contacts are not visible in contacts list. But when I type those contact numbers on keypad, those names appear in instant search. Please help me.
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    How to create a mp3 DVD?

    I want to play it on dvd player and car stereo. I tried creating a data dvd but it didn't work.:???:
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    Help!!!! Deleted Partition

    I wanted to delete two logical partitions but unfortunately i ended up in deleting every logical partition. Please help me i want my data back. Its very important data.
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