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    GPU switch issue.

    I have an HP Pavillion 15 AU-114TX HP Pavilion - 15-au114tx the major issue that I'm facing is with it's performances: 1)While gaming I realised this by accident: My cross-hair in CS:GO smoothly when connecting via my phone's hotspot and then reconnecting to my hostel wifi. If I run...
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    40-45k rig

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: I'm not a very avid gamer though I don't mind becoming one :P...
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    Mid range gaming rig for 40-45k

    As the title suggests I need the components for a new gaming rig. As for my requirements, it would involve (apart from gaming) regular web browsing, coding (net beans and my sql later on as well) along with some document editing. As for preferences in parts, there are a few I'd like to list;-...
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    Galaxy star pro

    I bought a Samsung galaxy star pro recently. As the phone is a low budget category phone, I thought it's speed issues were normal. However with the constant lag I'm beginning to doubt that is the case. A friend of mine told me that the apps I had on it shouldn't be causing this much lag however...
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    Speed issues

    I bought a samsung galaxy star pro around a month a half back, and I started to notice the phone had lots of speed issues right from the beginning. At first I thought it's normal of a low budget phone to act up like this but my friends said it isn't supposed to hang so much. So I wanted to know...
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    Laptop help pl0x.

    Well i need to find a good laptop for my sister who's going to college now so I needed help on which laptop to buy. The requirements are as follows : 1)Budget : around 35- 40k 2)The processor : i3/i5 (3rd gen preffered in i3 as there are quiet a few in the 30 - 40k segment now) 3)Ram : 4gb...
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    CS1.6 (software mode)

    I have been facing the software video mode ever since i started playing 1.6 on my computer which was newly formatted by windows 7 ultimate. It sucks........... i mean i can only play left handed and the vision is so blurred its's hard to believe my monitor's an led... plz help:shock:
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    Should i format my galaxy s with android 2.3?

    I got an sgs and i wanted to kno if upgrading to 2.3 is a good idea or not.. Just read about how the ics update for the s2 turned out pretty bad so wanted to make sure it isn't the same with the sgs. Thanks in advance.:-o
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    Can't play my 1.6

    I frequently play cs 1.6 online and 1 day i just recieved sum dialogue box saying i had to download sumthing for my 1.6 folder. I accepted and now wenever i open my client it shows the not responding dialog box and and thats it.I tried uninstalling but the same dialog box came up.My czero also...
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    graphics card woe.

    Although my current rig is pretty weak ,I want to kno if i can use the Zotac ge force gtx 560 ti amp edition with it. The reason for choosing this card is that i might get a new rig soon so instead of getting a cheap card now and an expensive one later I just wanted to get 1 graphixcard. The...
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