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    hp recovery disc problem

    i lost my recovery partition of my hp hdx16 laptop few days ago i mhaving recovery disk but it is also slightly damaged and is not able to install my os.......... i tried a software "anyreader" to recover the files from my recovery disk and it copied all my files to my hard disk but now the...
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    100% cpu usage problem

    i got win vista 64bit home premium installed in my hp hdx16 laptop.....unfortunately i lost my recovery drive and my recovery disks also got damagedso i installed win 7 64bit ultimate and installed all the drivers from hp site for win 7 64bitbut now most of the times my cpu usage reaches to 100%...
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    Hard Disk Crash Issues

    today i got an error in my hp laptop "non system disk replace the disk and press enter" i understood that somehow i have lost my windows when i tried to reinstall xp i saw that even all my partitions were gonewhich means that i have lost all my datai created the partition from there only that is...
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    hard disk crash problem

    today i got an error "non system disk replace the disk and press enter"i understood that somehow i have lost my windows when i tried to reinstall xp i saw that even all my partitions were gonewhich means that i have lost all my datai created the partition from there only that is from windows...
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    internet problem

    i stay in my college hostel and we need to run internet through 'automatically detect settings' but i m not able to do it now...........this problem started a few days ago i formatted my windows xp and installed its fresh copy then also i m not able to connect to internet............ i even...
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    vcd to dvd problem

    brother i want to learn linux to so please can u give me ur e-mai id ar any chat id????
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    vcd to dvd problem

    brother please tell me all the steps to convert 5 or 6 of my vcd movies to dvd i really want to learn this process....... please help me out........
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    vcd to dvd problem

    guys i tried to convert some of my vcd movies to a video dvd but i found that i could not add more than 4 movies in my dvd but the dvds i usually purchase from market comes normally with 6 movies...... can u please tell me that whats the difference so that i can make a dvd of 6 movies from my...
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    sis file emulator

    guys i want to test the sis file on my pc before installing it on my nokia s60 phone so that i can find out whether that software fulfils my need or not. Is there any kind of emulator present which can mount sis files and make it run on pc. I have the complete s60 development kit but i dont...
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    Nokia 6670 firmware help

    Guys i want to upgrade my nokia 6670 firmware Currently it is v5.0509.0 RH-67 pls help me to upgrade it to v6.0522.0 Just tell me the whole process
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    breaking lock code of nokia 3600 slide

    guys i have forgotten the lock code of my nokia 3600 slide. Now i can't insert another sim in my mobile because i have enabled "lock if sim changed" Please tell me any another master code or way so that i can change or break my lock code. Guys pls help me out!!!!!!!
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    full size wallpaper in s60

    guys can we set a image as wallpaper of full size in our nokia s60 devices so that it captures the entire screen because the images only takes half of the screen when set as a wallpaper and the rset is ocupied by the theme itself???? pls help me out..........
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    video cds to a single video dvd

    guys i wanna convert my video cds to a video dvd please tell me any freeware or some ways so that i can convert them. pls help me out
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    automatic internet connection

    i have bsnl broadband and adsl modem of siemens earlier my internet connection used to be automatically connected whenever i switched on my computer and modem ,but now i have to always go to then configuration then internet and then connect to get connected to internet whenever i...
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    unlock samsung e250 for softwares

    hey i want to install softwares on my samsung e250 but they r not getting installed.. Is there any unlock code to install softwares??? If yes do give me pls....
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    pc's internet on phone

    can i connect to internet in my nokia 6670 (s60 v2) through my pc's internet using the usb data cable??? pls help me...........
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    The 121 Rupee remote control for your PC

    hey ur file has expired both on rapidshare and megaupload how can i download it???
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    free gprs

    can i access internet freely on my idea mobile through any tweaking???
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    download youtube videos???

    how can i dwnload youtube videos???? pls hlp me out
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    Autorun Tutorial

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