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    Please suggest a Graphics Card

    My config of the system is like this: Core 2 Duo at 3.16 Ghz 4GB DD3 1 Tb HDD Intel Motherboard (not sure of the model number right now) --------------------------------------------------------- Please suggest me a graphics card within the range of 10k. I am looking to get the...
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    Xbox 360 For Sale

    Hey der Folks, M selling off ma almost new box System i.e XBOX 360 Live with 1 controller,1 AV cable,I Power adapter and 1 Memory Card for XBOX 360. The XBOX 360 is modded so you can play all those cheaper game DVDs. I am also giving out two game titles i.e. Gears of War (Microsoft) and...
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    Ipod 30Gb for Immediate sale

    Hey der folks, I have a Ipod 30GB for immediate sale. Reason for sellin it because I am collecting money for a bike. I bought it in January month of 2007. I don't have the bills with me as got it as a New year's gift from dad. It loaded for newest hit from the rock and metal arena. 20 Gigs...
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    Philips Monitor for sale

    A 17" Flat Philips Monitor in excellent working condition is for sale as I am upgrading. The Model No. is 107 C6 //\\ Item For sale only in Bangalore //\\ Expected Price : 4k
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    Full System for sale

    Well Guys n (gals)*** Selling off ma system..befor i quote ma price have a look at the specs: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz 128 MB SD Ram 40 GB ATA Hard disk 52x24x52x LG reWriter 52x Optical Speed LG CD ROM TV Tuner Card LAN Network Card 915 Intel Motherboard 17" LG Flatron Color Monitor...
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