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    Some good sites for design/insiration

    www.neostream.com A Flashy Flash Work www.Areadesign.com
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    stealing files from sites

    OR U can simply use tools like Sothink SWF Decompiler and many other flash grabbers , download.com>internet utilities
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    Pentium 4 vs Pentium Mobile . The confusions ?

    But What if the difference of clock speed is almost double if i need to buy the most powerful laptop today what are ur suggetions? remember i want to spend money for POWER only . I Mean suggest a best buy LAPTOP
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    Pentium 4 vs Pentium Mobile . The confusions ?

    When P4 3.4 is here then why Pentium Mobile just 1.7 ? Please tell me what the hell PM have that its making people happy at clock of 1.7 GHz .
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    Photoshop Tutorials for anyone who is intrested ...

    www.phong.com/tutorials/ Photoshop tutorials, fractal pattern cognition, and astral hallucinations for the stimulation of your optic nerves.
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    Why People Play FPS Games

    I really cant under stand how can someone play first persone shooter games? No Man just a hand killing and killing No Mind required No gameplay no strategy nothing to explore same boring game play level by level
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    San Andreas help me .

    Anybody knows how to change language to english ( PC Edition ) Any language pack? Currently i have in I dont know in which lang it is . :?
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    RPG fans

    Action RPG Blood Rayne Chaos Region Shade and if you love that SNIPER Gun WW2 Sniper Got PStation Dont forget TENCHU ( stealth ) Metal Gear Acid
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    Capcom Chaos Legion Cheats PC Do anybody have?
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    pls suggest car racing game for mobile.

    Asphalt GT Sega Rally Movie star racing GTA ( yes grand theft auto )
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    Creating depth/Hollow Effect

    Opps forgot to say u can press "ctrl+U" ( Hue Sat box) to change colors of ur image.
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    Creating depth/Hollow Effect

    Step 1. Create a new document 400*400 Step 2. Fill the copper gradient from top to bottom . Step 3. Make a Selection over it . Step 4. Goto Edit>Transform>rotate 180* YOu will end up with somthing like this Here is a use of this effect
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    Photoshop Tutorials for anyone who is intrested ...

    search for PHONG's tutorials ( phong is a designers name ) his tuts are real good and innovative
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    Rainbow thru Photoshop

    post the sample of effect post the sample of effect and get back the tut
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    Make your first Vector Illustration

    opps i forgot to mention the use 1. your own created wallpaper 2. Print design 3. Use in Flash Animation 4. Book cover , CD cover etc
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    Make your first Vector Illustration

    step 1 . open new file ( 800*600 ) step 2 .select gradient tool (G) fill Black,white gradient , from upper left corner to bottom right . step 3 . goto filter >render>lighting effect and fill as in pic below step 4 . press ctrl+u to bring hue/saturation box fill values hue=210 sat=25...
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    -={ Request for Tutorials here .. }=-

    If u wanna make skin for winXP try stardock's skinstudio
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    -={ Request for Tutorials here .. }=-

    Re: VB .NET tutorials for beginners try msdn.microsoft.com
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    Mettalic Text without the use of any Plugin !!!!!

    This tutorial was originally published in Scott Kelby's book " Photoshop Down And Dirty Tricks " - FxBOOM
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    Mettalic Text without the use of any Plugin !!!!!

    hey you Mr Dhawal Verma didnt you forgot to say thanx to Mr Scott Kelby (down and dirty photoshop tricks) Bcoz I know its his stuff which you have published here on your account , Do It Now and never ever try to take credit of anybody's work - FxBOOM
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