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    Need a single function laser printer

    Need a single function laser printer. Thinking of buying HP 1020. Is it a good choice? Additionally, i would also like a printer to which i can remotely give a print command. For example, say i am outside & want to print a doc. So i just send it to my printer over the internet & get it...
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    Black screen on win 7 boot

    acer aspire latop with 4 GB ram , 1 GB graphics, 500 GB HDD. Black screen appears on startup. Tried the following to bring back the system to life :- 1) Used bootable windows 7 flash drive. Outcome : the system is stuck at windows logo 2) Used bootable ubuntu flash drive (took more than...
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    Inverter shifting to backup even when mains is ON

    Installed a new inverter today. Exide home UPS 1450 VA attached with 2 exide invamore T plate batteries (150AH each) (new) Sometimes the inverter is shifting to battery backup even when the mains power is still ON. Additional info :- Input voltage in the range of 175-210 V No...
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    Android Phone around 20 K

    Need help buying an android phone for around 20 K. My first choice would have been the ONE PLUS ONE but i m buying for a not so tech savvy person. Was looking at :- 1) HTC 820 S 2) MOTO X2 3) Samsung Galaxy S4 (considering its price drop & the fact that it was a flagship once...
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