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    Replacing internal hard drive of Vaio?

    Does anyone know if its possible to replace the stock 320 gig hard drive I have inside my Vaio( VPCEB34EN) with a 500 GB/1 TB one? Also the price please if you know. I talked to the service centre, and they said they could do it, but it would cost me around a ridiculous 8k. Thanks.
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    Hardware problems with the Xperia Neo V?

    I recently bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V last month and my opinion of the phone, atleast software wise is great. However, two problems have cropped up. 1. I accidently dropped a my phone 2-3 times and with each fall, i've seen that a noticeable amount of the white paint (my device being...
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    Buying a second hand piece?

    I was still trying to decide which phone to buy in the 15-16k range and had almost settled on the Defy + when I came across an quickr ad,which offered the HTC Desire HD at 16k. Thing was, its not exactly the Desire,its actually the US version of desire, the HTC inspire.The piece was also...
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    Low internal memory on the Xperia Neo V?

    I am seriously considering between the Xperia Neo V and the Motorola Defy Plus. Though the Defy+ comes across as a very sturdy phone(great for me as I am a student), the Xperia Neo V seems to comes out as a more complete package, with generally very positive reviews. My question is, I...
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