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    Multi OS Boot Problem

    In my computer I had in C-drive: win 98 and in D-drive:win XP. I had loaded acronis os selector which gave me problem and when I uninstalled it I could boot only in Win 98. Thenafter by using Win XP CD I applied fixmbr and fixboot commands. Now I can boot only in Win XP. During booting even...
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    my ip hijacked?

    I've internet connection thru cable and so a static ip address. Whenever I try to download from rapidshare I get the time limitation warnings such as "download limit exceeded. wait for 80 minutes" or "you are already downloading a file. pleaes wait till it's over". Whereas for the last couple of...
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    USB FM tuner

    For my laptop I want an USB FM tuner card. I've searched in Kolkata but could not get any. Even the USB tv tuner cards also do not contain FM. However, such cards do exist - may not be in India. This link gives about the available USB FM tuner cards -...
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    Installing XP on HP laptop

    I've Compaq 6710b laptop pre-loaded with Windows Vista. I tried to install XP through the XP CD. After initializing it flashed the message that no hard disk found and XP cannot be installed and press F3 to quit. Please tell what to do.
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    Dial up internet on laptop thru cellone

    My hardware are the following - 1. hp laptop 6710b with windows vista business. 2. Samsung mobile egh-840. 3. Mobile network - Cellone at Kolkata. I've installed the modem driver of the mobile in my laptop. Hopefully, the account free internet connection is also available in the cellone as...
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    Movie upside down

    I have a video clip which is upside down. I don't know how. Please tell me how to turn it up.
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    H'to conekt Off Comp with Home Comp

    I've a computer each at my office and at home with broadband internet connection on the both. Even after leaving the office I want to do some unfinished work on my office PC from my home PC. Both the computers work on MS Windows XP (SP 2). Please guide me how I can achieve my goal. With...
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    Outlook Express not opening

    I am using Win XP with SP2. Recently, my computer has developed a problem - the outlook express is not opening. While trying to open it I get the message - "Outlook Express could not be started. The application was unable to open the Outlook Express message store. Your computer may be out of...
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    Pen Driving is shutting down Computer

    Pen Drive is shutting down Computer Recently one of my friend had purchased Transcend Jet Flash pen drive of 1GB capacity. After some time his computer (OS - Windows 2000) has developed a peculiar tenedency. Whenever the pen drive is withdrawn from the computer, the computer restarts. However...
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    In Excel How to use cell ref as a variable

    In MS-Excel Suppose in Sheet1 A1,A3, A5,.... contains data. The cells A2,A4,.... are blank. These data are again used in ColC of Sheet2 by means of a formula. However, in Sheet2 no row is to be left blank. Thus, cell C1 of Sheet2 refers to cell A1 of Sheet1, cell C2 of Sheet2 refers to cell A3...
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    Price of blank DVD media

    May I know the reasonable price of blank DVD media? In Kolkata, about a month back I bought moserbaer 10-DVD pack for about Rs 275/-. Today one shopkeeper said the cost of 10-DVD pack of Sony as Rs 450/-. I just got a shock! However, I had bought loose DVDs of Foxen brand for about Rs 15/-...
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    Is this pen drive available in Kolkata?

    I am desirous of purchasing Transcend Jet Flash 2.0 pen drive of 1 GB capacity. Can anybody please tell me whether it is available in Kolkata.
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    USB Cable for Portable Hard Drive

    I have recently purchased one 40GB portable hard drive of Seagate with a casing from Enter Multimedia (www.entermultimedia.com). It is working fine with my both - office & home - computers. I've Windows XP OS in both the computers. However, in order not to carry the USB cord all the time I tried...
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    How to get 750MB vcd movie in one CD

    I've a video file of 700 MB in xvid format. When I tried to convert it to vcd and burn it on a regular CD of 700MB by using Nero 7, I get the message that the CD cannot accomodate the vcd, as its size will be about 750MB. Please tell me how to circumvent this problem so that I can get the...
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    Mathcad Problem

    I've installed Mathcad 13 in my computer. However, in the maiden run of the program I set the path of its license file to my CD-drive K:. Now, I am unable to open the program without the installation CD in the drive. I am getting the following error message- Mathcad.JPG I've tried to get rid...
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    Installation doesn't start.

    I've downloaded trial version of Pinnacle Studio_9_3 (214 MB) in my office compiter. Upon double-clicking the prog its installation starts in that computer. However, when I copied the same prog on a CD-RW media and tried to install it in my Home Cpmputer the installation process does not start...
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    VCD to DVD

    I've got VCD of three movies, say - A, B & C. Each of these movies are again on two disks. I want to get all these three movies on a single DVD. For this purpose, perhaps, I also need to merge the twin VCDs of each of the three movies. So, please suggest - 1. Whether I am correct in my...
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    Auto scan of downloaded files by AVG

    I am using AVG as the anti-virus software in my computer. I also use DAP or Flashget for downloading files from internet. What settings are required to be done to ensure that all the downloaded files are automatically scanned by the anti-virus software. My OS is Win XP (with SP 2). Thnx in advance.
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    Guide to PCANYWHERE

    I want to know how to use Symantec's PC anywhere software for connecting two computers. Any idea.. Thnx...
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    Boot.ini tab is missing

    I've Win XP SP2 on my comp. Here after runnning msconfig I don't see the Boot.ini tab. all other tabs are though present. Please tell me how to get the boot.ini tab here.
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