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    Disabled Wallpaper Select in Display properties Desktop Tab

    Hello everybody... I use Windows XP SP2 operating system... the wallpaper selection window in the Desktop tab of Display Properties window got disabled somehow.... :( how can i get it back?? thanks in advance.
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    dunno what the subject should be

    i cudnt figure out what the subject should be...... but this is what i want.... my OS is WinXP SP2 when i use Ctrl+Alt+Del the Task manager is displayed.... but i need a Windows 2000 Server kinda dialog box whenever i press Ctrl+Alt+Del combination.... ie it shud open a dialog box with...
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    Problem with Windows 98 Registry Checker at startup

    I have installed Microsoft Windows 98 OS which was working fine until recently... now i have a problem with it.... whenever i start my computer... the Microsoft Registry checker starts automatically just after the windows GUI is loaded... it fixes the USER.DAT file first then checks for...
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    BSNL dataone....incoming call alert!!!!!!!

    Hello ppl... i use BSNLs Dataone broadband connection..... and i wanna know whether it is possible to detect an incoming call on the phone line.... so that an incoming call alert can be given to the user.... are there any softwares to do such thing?? Thanks in advance....... Subject...
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