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    ntfs in fedora 6??????

    hi i want to mount my ntfs partitions in fedora 6. but it gives an error saying unrecognized file type. i can mount fat32 without any prpblem. any solution to mount ntfs.......?
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    intel 845 gvsr original unused for sale

    hi, i have a new intel original 845 gvsr motherboard. i ve not yet used it. even the original seal from intel is not opened. i would like to sell it. has 6 usb ports. supports 2 front panel usb ports. does not support sata hard disks. price: Rs.1500+shipping (including data buses and...
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    how to join divx files?

    hi i want to oin many .divx files and make it one. which software can do it?
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    .vob to other format??

    hi i want to know the best method to convert .vob to .mpg or .divx without loosing quality of sound and video....
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    win 98 can't be installed.

    hi i have a celeron 2.53 with intel 845 original mb. i am unable to install win 98 on my system, i ve tried everything form repartitioning the hard disk to unallocating all the partitions. how do i install win 98 on the machine? currently i am running on xp without any problem.
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