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    Registrar for .in domain and webhost

    Hi .. I need a good registrar for a .in domain and hosting for my business. The registrar needs to be reliable and have a nice and easy user interface with the regular bells and whistles to control the website, email etc. as I will be controlling it myself to begin with. (I know it sounds...
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    DLink GLB-502T problems

    I just bought a new D-Link GLB-502T ADSL modem for use with my BSNL Dataone connection. I configured it to autodial as per instructions given on various sites and it connected properly. However there are 2 problems neither of which I faced with my Huawei MT841. 1) The inteenet keeps...
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    Dell 1520 - With or without complete cover

    Am buying the Dell Inspiron 1520. The base config which is given on the website is for Rs. 40,650. Its pretty great but has only one year limited warranty. I called up atleast 6 different sales reps and none of them has been willing to give a single rupee of discount because they say the config...
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    Another freebie offer - Rupeemail

    Hi guys After the Paymate thing we now have another online offer to exploit (or help another site build userbase depending on how you look at it :twisted: ). Its called Rupeemail and you get a rupee or something everytime you read mail sent by them and as a launch offer you get Rs. 2 for...
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    Nokia E51 Review - Finally the perfect business mobile

    Just purchased a Nokia E51. It arrived an hour back and from the first experience it seems like Nokia has finally managed to make a perfect business smartphone with practical size and weight and a good price. Every time I purchased a cellphone before this, I was always somewhat disappointed with...
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    Reliable CDMA Mobile within 2K

    Hi guys I need a new Reliance CDMA handset for office purpose. My old Nokia 3125 has died and need a good cheap and best option. The only things it'll be used for are receiving and making calls and the occasional SMS. The only criteria is it should have atleast average network, looks and...
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    Reliance to give Toshiba LCD TVs free with DTH

    This is crazy stuff. According to today's Economic Times, Reliance may be giving away free LCD TVs along with their DTH connection though the size is not mentioned. "Reliance is in advanced talks with Toshiba to sign an agreement for about 15 million LCD TVs, to be given along with the DTH...
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    Dell Inspiron 1520 - Final Config

    Hi guys. Have finalised this notebook for my Dad. Its a Dell Inspiron 1520 which after adding 3 years limited warranty and a bluetooth mouse came to Rs. 45,000/-. The actual price was coming to Rs. 49,500/- and got 4500 off after bargaining. Please go through the below config and let me know if...
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    Philips DivX Player

    Hi. I'm planning to buy this DivX player from Indiaplaza. Indiaplaza.in : Electronics - Audio and Video - Philips DVD Player-DVP3146x Its the Philips dvp3146x for Rs. 3750/-. How much is its street price. I have to buy it online btw and cannot buy from shops because I have to use a gift...
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    Dell service in towns

    Does anyone how good is Dell's service in smaller towns. I'm planning to purchase 2 Dell Desktops for a nearby school in a town in Bihar. They were initially planning to go for Compaq which has local sales centre but Dell deal looks much better from their site. Dell Inspiron 530...
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    Laptop for abt Rs. 25,000

    Hi guys Please suggest me a good laptop in the range of Rs. 25,000/-. Its for my uncle and since it'll be used for very uncle-type tasks a cheap low-config wont be a problem. Main thing should be Value for money and good after sales service. His needs are the usual Office applications, Web...
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    Windows XP Laptop for light use for abt 35-40k

    I'm planning to buy my Dad a laptop for abt 35-40 thousand. He basically needs it for accounts (Tally 9), checking his mail and MS Office. However I want to buy a nice-looking Core2Duo notebook for future-proof use if he learns to do more stuff. One thing I dont want is Windows Vista. I'm...
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    Which 19" WLCD - Samsung, LG or Viewsonic

    Am buying a new rig and have to decide on a widescreen 19" LCD for the monitor. The dealer is giving me 3 options - Samsung, LG and Viewsonic. Samsung and LG are around the same price and Viewsonic is somewhat cheaper. Firstly, is Viewsonic's performance inferior in any way to Samsung's or...
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    Mobo with onboard graphics for E4400

    Hey guys I'm buying a new rig. The purpose is mostly internet surfing and watching mpeg4 movies. Dont do gaming or overclocking. Only have to decide on the Processor and Motherboard (with onboard graphics) coz rest is decided. Initially was planning to go the AMD way with X2 4000+ and 690G...
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    Please suggest suitable 2.1 speakers

    Hi I'm planning to buy a 2.1 speaker set by this weekend. Can anyone suggest what would be suitable for the following specification: 1. Budget - 3,000 - 4,000 (Can be stretched a li'l) 2. Wireless remote 3. Preferably but not necessaily a Front Audio In so that I can attach headphones...
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    LAptop for 60-70k

    Need to buy a laptop today/tomorrow itself. The budget is 60-70k. The purpose would be mostly Office and a li'l bit of Entertainment. Plz suggest what would be good. Also where in Delhi should I buy it?
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    New PC Config and Price - Please advise

    Hi guys, I need a PC for my office and have come up with the following config. Will be mostly using it for MS office, tally, database management and image editing. Planning to install Vista in it and will use MS Virtual PC for Windows XP, MSDOS (for tally 4.5) etc. Please advise if the...
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