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    which programming IDE to use?

    Hey guys i am new to programming and confused about which IDE to use i.e. borland or visual studio. i want to use it for c++, c#, java. pls help me out of this confusion.
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    which mobile for 8k?

    my friend wants to buy a cell for upto rs 8k. i suggested him ngage but he doesnt like it. so which other mobile in this range is best to buy?
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    mobile with best video recording quality?

    i am planning to buy a new mobile which would primarily be used for video recording and of course as a normal phone. so large in built memory or option for mmc card is also required.which mobile has the best video quality? there is no restriction on price range. i just want the best.
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    which camcorder to buy?

    i am planning to buy a camcorder but not able to decide which one. whether to go for sony, samsung or panasonic or else. my budget is between 20-30k. and what are the features i should look out for?
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    datacable or ir port?

    i have a nokia 3200 and i want to connect it to pc for transferring ringtones and games. should i go for a datacable or an ir port for my pc. which has better connectivity and transfer speed?
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    ngage or ngage qd?

    can anyone pls help me out in deciding which mobile i should prefer, ngage or ngage qd? also pls tell the price of ngage (classic) in delhi.
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