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    Help: Over ear headphones needed; budget 4k.

    Hello, I need a good over the ear headphones at around 4k. I am no audiophile and don't need powerful bass. I need it mainly for music (all genres except heavy metal), movies and a bit of gaming so it needs to be comfortable. I read through the forum. I can't find the Audio Technica m35...
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    HeadPhones from USA; Dilema.

    So my father has gone to USA and i am thinking of buying a headphone from there for about $100 or under. Maybe something like Audio Technica ATH-AD700 or ATH M50 or Sennheiser HD280. Now i would be primarily using them with my laptop (Dell XPS 15) for music and movies and some gaming. (I also...
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    altec lansing vs2621

    i am planning to buy altec lansing vs2621 speakers ... how is it ? . the price quoted by the shopkeeper is 1250/- . any other better speakers in this range ?
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    nvidia graphic drivers problem

    i have acer 5745g with geforce gt 330m graphic card and win 7 64 bit .. the nvidia control panel show my graphic drivers as 188.99 and the device manager shows the date as "04-02-2010" on the nvidia site the latest drivers for my card is 258.96 with release date 2010.07.19 now when i...
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    Help Needed

    Can Anyone Please Tell me the best FREE antispyware and anti malware available and also the links to download them????
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