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    sapphire hd 7850 2 gb not being detected in the system

    Hii... I am also facing the same problem with saphhire hd7770 card. But the real problem is that our dvi to vga adaptor. As I am using samsung monitor It is not accpecting dvi to vga signal . so i connected directly through dvi -i dual to dvi-d dual cable and its working.. so try thorugh dvi...
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    Saphire hd7770 not giveing any display output :::(

    Hiii frinds please help me to solve this problem i have installed graphics card saphhire hd7770 1gb graphics card which have dvi-i dual port and my monitor(samsung b300 20 linch LED) have dvi-d dual port and VGA So i used dvi-i to vga port converter. when i switch on my pc . i am not...
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