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    Upgrade usb2.0 to 3.0.....?

    Upgrade an existing usb2.0 to 3.0. is this possible?
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    Which type of USB?

    In my lenovo g470 laptop i could find an USB port which is different from others.Pls help me find out which type is it..... I could all usb devices into it .....works as others do.... Here is a pic of tht http://www.flickr.com/photos/58941837@N08/7566411650/in/photostream/
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    How can i improve my blog???

    How can i improve my blog??? this is my blog I amNikoncoolpix Pls help
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    Laptop temp 71 c

    my laptop temp goes upto 71c during gaming ... is this good????
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    "CMOS values wrong....." Pls Help

    Hi frnds I ve a sys with following specs intel dual core E5200 Biostar G31 d m7 MB n 1gb ddr2 ram k then last day i added a 2gb Kingston ddr2 ram (same freq of existing one as told by the local retailer) and sparkle g force 210 1gb ddr3 graphics card to this.and upgraded to win7 64bit...
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    Pls help me to choose a good MB

    Hi, I am upgrading my old system.... After some research i decided to buy AMD athlonII 260 processor Pls help me to find a good mobo for the above processor. I ve a very low budget(under3000rs). NB:I need to connect my old IDE HDD Thanks in advance..
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