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    hi can anyone suggest me a good UPs under 3 k

    i need a good UPS which wont cause voltage fluctuation and decent battery back up
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    tablet for reading books for 12k

    hi.. i need a tablet for reading books. thats it. should i go for Dell Venue 8 Pro 3000 Series 32GB Windows Tablet.. availabe for 11.5k at Dell Venue 8 Pro (WiFi, 32GB), Black: Amazon.in: Electronics or should i go for xiomi mi pad.. Mi pad has android of which i am not a fan.. please suggest...
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    Desktop 3.5-inch Hard Drive 1 tb --buying advice

    hey i need a Desktop 3.5-inch Hard Drive 1 tb-- any buying advice should i go for WD Blue SATA III 6.0 1TB ---WD10EZEX-- any suggestions would be of great help ..thanks
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    bandwidth monitor

    is there a software where i can manage total bandwidth used by dividing the bandwith into 8 gb during day and 15 gb during night
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    cant change my dns sever

    hey i have to change the dns server for my reliance usb internet connection. and i want to use open dns. but every time i save and reconnect ,dns servers changes to default. is there any way out..i need to use open dns because of stupid TRAI
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    any screen capture software

    Copyright(c) 2006 USMLE WORLD, Please do not save, print, cut, copy or paste anything while USMLE WORLD is running i need any screen capture software to copy usmle world online q bank.... it runs in java but the problem is i need to save those qbanks ... have tried hypersnap but u world stops...
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    need a a software which can make image

    hi one of my friend need a software which can make image of whole clean c drive in dvds.. he has norton ghost but it dosent makes images on dvds...(he runs a retail shop and he needs dvds of backup image which he can distribute to his customers...)
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    selling blackberry curve 8520 and htc p3452

    hey i want to sell blackberry curve 8520 and htc p3452.. both of them are brand new kind of. htc aint in warranty but blackberry is in warranty... i have bills of both of them.. any guess what should be the selling price... or if possible where should i sell them in north delhi... Thanks ----
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    iphone 4 unlock

    hi do we need a unlock for iphone 4 bought from usa if somebody is using here in india under vodafone service.... knock kncok
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    is there a way to snap a photo

    hi am just curious--my friend need any gadget by which he can take a pic and then send it secretly to a given mail .. requirement-- it shouldn't be obviously visible... he is a journalist...
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    ink cartridge not recognised after refilling

    http://i51.tinypic.com/2w4bvp4.png printer--canon ip1900..is there anyway to do away with this.original oem ink is costing me more than printer-rs 850 for black,1250 for colour cartridge.while mine printer costs rs 1700.
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    best lcd or led tv --32 inch

    hey hurry up--i need 32 inch LCD TV or led TV... most probably samsung.... and should i go for LCD or led...budget rs 55k and is there different type of led too...personally i think led is simply a marketing gimmick.
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    hey i need an invite

    thanks a lot--nj
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    hi i wd love to give some of the licenses--just post your comment in my blog.. blog.manishjha.com would like to give these licenses to you guys...
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    dell prices slashed

    yep—not updated till now in their website www.dell.co.in but studio series have fallen by 4 k around…...may the entire line --but for studio series i am sure.
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    Which isp service i shd go for in delhi

    Hey i need unlimited plan within 1k.please help me out. Any ideas regarding tikona or spectranet.
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    need a bike under 80 k in mumbai

    hey i need a bike within 80 k in mumbai--basically its my brother who needs it.it would be great if you guys can suggest as i have my exams right now and really cant dig all the information. one of my friend suggested me- 1--avenger 200 cc 2-- Yamaha Frazer 3-- Apache 180 rtr 4--pulsar 200...
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    Download Microsoft Security-morro

    The public release of Microsoft Security Essentials (Morro) is on June 23, 2009. Source: JCXP.NET
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    Mozilla Firefox v3.0.11 - Final

    What's new in Firefox 3.0.11 and Release Notes here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.0.11/releasenotes/ http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/3.0.11/win32/en-US/Firefox Setup 3.0.11.exe
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    why is atom n270 priced lower than z520 when it is 1.66 ghz as compare to 1.33 ghz of

    why is atom n270 priced lower than z520 when it is 1.66 ghz as compare to 1.33 ghz of z520. is vista supported by z520 and not by n270
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