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    very URGENT !!! even proxies aren't working !!!

    Hi guys, Im in college right now. I have a campus with Cyber cafe. anyways the problem is even the proxies are blocked so NO ORKUT, NO MESSENGER, even MEEBO.COM IS BLOCKED. PLZ HELP GUYS. HOW CAN I OPEN ORKUT AND MESSENGERS
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    Wanna Open My Oports ....

    Hi Guys, I Have To Open My Ports Of Router. Can Any One Help Me ??? I Want To Know How To Open Both Udp And Tcp Ports. Plz Help Me
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    3gp Player Wanted

    Guys Even Though I Haver Real Player But It Does Not Scroll Videos. I Have Got A N91 S60 V3. I Want Some Software Which Can Scroll Videos. Something Like Divx Player (which Only Supports Avi). Plz Help Me .
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    Windows Inside Pen Drive Linux

    hi guys, my question is that simple. I did some googling to find out how to install linux on USB but can those linux will identify my windows drive ( NTFS /FAT32). Plz can u tell me which linux does it ??? I can get a max of 2gb pen drive. PLz help me its kind of urgent.
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    best multiplayer games

    Hi guys, I'll join the college this year only so I wanna know the list of all the awesome games which can be played on LAN. can anyone help me ??
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    orkut ------>google talk

    How Can We Add All Our Orkut Friends To Google Talk ???
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    Answer What I Asked Or I'll Be Banned

    I know hacking talks are not allowed here. But asking sites of hacking forum , will it be illegal ????? If it is illegal then DONT reply. and if its legal just to know the site, then only reply.
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    It Takes A Genius To Answer This

    Ive tried my best to know how to get a email in www.com Its not paid, I havent seen any invite for it too. And its powered by google. Lets see who is that genius who can help me.
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    Web hosting

    Hi guys , can u tell me sites which hosts the file for free without any time limit. like rapidshare but i want that no time limit should exist.
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    Ftp to resue....

    hi can anyone me how to upload files through FTP using softwares like CuteFTP?? ANd also some sites which supports it othat i can upload my site using FTP. There are so many pages and links .. someone plz help me
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