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    c2d x86 or x64...

    hmmm... thx for the gud discussion.... i got the doubt when someone wrote the device manager shud show x64 if u wanna install windows xp 64 bit version.
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    c2d x86 or x64...

    Wel tel me one thing fellas..the Core 2 Duo (E6300 specifically) is a 64-bit Chip right? then why is that in the Device Manager it says x86 architechture and not x64?.
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    MOTHERBOARD compatability 4 duel core prosscer...

    i would suggest you invest in a 965 chipset...it has support for quad core also...so u r future proof too...
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    No Thermal Paste !!

    thx guys for replyin so fast! The software shows me 5 temps The zones specified by the intel are shown below let me know what u guys infer from this!!
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    Need some info about latest cabinets/smps

    powersafe is very reliable. its from same guys who gave us VIP!!
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    No Thermal Paste !!

    Can anybody plz help me out with my doubt regarding thermal paste and core 2 duo? I got this E6300 (1.86Ghz) the box pack which came with a thermal heat sink.When i installed the chip and heatsink i didnt apply any thermal paste on my own.Is it alright to use it this way? I dont plan to...
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    How many svchost.exe?

    actually svchost.exe runs multiple copies for different purposes! it takes different forms by using command line arguments! it does all kinds of stuff! run> services.msc and chk out properties of services running N u'l know which services need svchost! if u dont want any stop them.however...
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    MTNL LAN Connection

    no i mean can v have a LAN so that files can be shared among other Triband Users.It says on their website that it is possible but they have not specified how!
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    All in one bootable dvd

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    MTNL LAN Connection

    I have MTNL' TRiband connection (NU plan). I connect through USB port! how to configure LAN for sharing files?
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    Duration of ADSL Connection???

    actually what is happenin is my ADSL Link gets broken sometimes.But it connects on its own after some time!! So i wanted to check for how much time the Link is on?
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    Duration of ADSL Connection???

    Is there any software/apps to find the duration of the an ADSL connection?(i use MTNL NU plan and i suspect them of cuttin my connection somewhere in the middle of the night!!)? If yes then please post them.
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    Play Pc Games on Playstation 2??

    Hey guys can v play PC games on Playstation 2??
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    DVD Writer Lens Cleaner

    actually i am so apprehensive because earlier my CD Writer got screwed up because i cleaned it with a standard CD Lens cleaner.It messed with some thing and i started getting some error "power caliberation error".So thats y i was not so sure.Is there a special cleaning DVD for Writers?
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    DVD Writer Lens Cleaner

    Hey guys i have been having some odd problems with my Sony DVD Writer DRU-A710(which i bought a year ago).I think its the lens which is giving problems.I was thinkin to clean it using a DVD-Cleaner DVD.Will that work for a Writer? If not suggest me some good ideas?? Thanks
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    suggest me good dvd writer

    i tel ya tak Sony DRU- A10!! i own one!! works with grace!! supports all formats includin Dual Layer!!
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    best brand for blank dvds

    Moser Baer Rocks!!! The Local brand Princo is cost effective howevr develops scratches on its own!!
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    Mtnl triband problem help!!!!

    ya me too has such problem!! I reseted the settings using the Manual Reset switch.(at the back of router) Then tried it!!N it worked.
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    MTNL Triband - 590NU users plz!

    I dont think they hav discontinued it.Coz they recently upgraded their plans!! I got my connection on 6th Nov!!
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    MTNL Triband - 590NU users plz!

    wel follow these steps to Log off(From Windows) or Restart(The Comp) or Switch off the comp!! 1.Make a shortcut (anywhere).In its Links properties select the shutdown.exe(its in System32 folder). 2.Now in ur Task Scheduler.Add this Shortcut as the program to be run at the desired timing...
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