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    RAID 0 crashed. Is there any way to recover the files???

    Hi guys. I have two 500 gb seagate barracuda sata drive in RAID 0. Today when I was unraring a 4 gb file the computer froze and showed a BSOD. Now I can't boot. I have a lots of file in those HDD and don't want to lose them. When I turn on the pc now it shows the staus - normal and bootable -...
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    Finally finished building my KILLER GAMING pc

    After so many suggestions from you guys,(in the thread "Build me a KILLER GAMING pc" here) I finally finished assembling my new high end GAMING rig. . It was May(08) when I started purchasing the PC components and its now November(08) after finally finishing it. It took time but got all the pc...
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    Suggest a good sound card for my Logitech Z5500

    Guys! please suggest some good sound cards along with there prices. Also please inform me with the price of this card "Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Fatality Sound Card" .I will be using the soundcard with my Logitech Z5500 so I need a nice one.
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    Any one with a high end gaming rig please post your configs here

    Hi! guys bought a MSI X48C Platinum mobo some days ago and received nothing but frustration from it. It never worked the way it should have. Now that I have returned it, I am looking for a new high end gaming mobo,that supports DDR3 memory and CrossfireX. Any one with a high end gaming rig...
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    Check out parts of my New Gaming Rig

    Guys here are some of the videos of my new gaming rig that i have uploaded, . links are ----- http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=r83ZFwNPcqQ http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=GnTYTQIUkgA http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=0wmjLCNvJo4 some more to come.:-D
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    MSI x48c platinum sucks!!!

    Guys! I'm having this weird problem with my motherboard. without even overclocking it, whenever i turn on the computer it restarts for a couple of times then a message appears saying that previous attempt to overclock has failed and the default settings has been loaded. But the same problem...
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    Name some trusted online Indian IT shops

    Guy's I want to purchase my new computer parts online. Please tell me the names of some trusted online IT shops in India.
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    How to DOWNLOAD online MUDBOX DOCS.

    The Help Documents for Autodesk's Mudbox can be viewed online. Is there a way to download it. :confused:
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    How to RECORD streaming Videos from Youtube

    Tell me how to record streaming videos ???
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    Build me a KILLER GAMING pc

    I have a budget of 1.5 lac please help me in wasting it.:D Jokes apart I need a KILLER GAMING pc within the budget mentioned above. Please include products from - Cooler Master and Razer. I need a full HD monitor and a motherboard with all solid state capacitors.Both crossfire/SLi will do...
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