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    Speakers for PC (2k-3k)

    Hi, I am looking for the speakers for my PC Budget 2k~3k Setup: 2.1 Place of Buying: Online Genre: Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance, Electronic, Hip-Hop Mainly for: Music listening Artist I Like: Davis Guetta, Nicky Romero, Avicii, Enrique, Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Pitbull, Chris...
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    Entropay Problem:Help asap

    Hi, I am using entropay vcc and I have around $33.14 in it So I was trying to buy Fifa 14 from origin but origin always declines the payment btw fifa cost Rs. 1,749.30 and I also own debit cards of axis and sbi banks (AFAIK They don't work with origin ) Since I am buying for 1st time from...
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    how to Receiving money online???

    i have sbi and axis bank account i am thinking about selling mf flipkart e-gv so the main question was for me how can i accept payment online? i ahve net banking facility on my a/c? but really dont know how to receive payment so if anybody having any specialized knowledge or have traded...
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    Closed Headphoens Under 3K

    recently my sony mdr 570lp (Rs.3k) died so i am looking for a headphone under 3k i mostly listen to music on my headphones so music is my only preference SO PLEASE RECOMMEND A GOOD SET headphones should have a good base and sound should be clear and there should be no or minimal...
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    Suggest graphic card under 5k

    Please Suggest the good graphic card My Computer Configuration:- I3-2100 PROCESSOR SANDYBRIDGE 4GB DDR3 Ram DH67BL INTEL Motherboard 500GB Segate Hard disk 350w psu cooler master (cm-350 plus) DVD drive BUDGET:- Rs.5000 (100 USD) Area;- dELHI,INDIA
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    help! identify this laptop

    can anybody tell me the name or model number of this laptop? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR6twG_i4XQ&feature=feedlik
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    Laptop Buying Help <55k

    HELLO I am extremely confused I want to buy a laptop under 55k DETAILS:- PRICE RANGE :-Rs.55000(at max.) NEED:- 1) FOR surfing internet 2) Chatting 3) [As i will be perusing graduation (1st Year:BCA)] I will be doing programming......most probably c+,c++,java etc..... 4) Gaming [I am not a...
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