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    PC to Mobile?

    HI I just got a new mobile, SAMSUNG SGH C-200 and i also got a data cable,,the phone features a GPRS and java games,,, I have many photos and ringtones in my pc, how can i send photos,ringtones and java games frm my pc to mobile,, Can any one suggest an good and easy software to do my...
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    Changing the CAS latency of RAM????

    hello everyones Can any one help me to change the CAS latency of RAM??? my current latency is 3-4-4-8 I want to set it to 2-3-3-8 I heard frm some website that setting latency timings to lower values increase the PCs performance i have asus P5GDC V Deluxe motherboard based on 915G and...
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    desperately need help

    hello, I desperately need help in this regard i am having lot of problems with my New PC,,here it goes My PC configuration Asus P5GDC-V Deluxe [Based On 915G chipset] P4 3.0 Ghz [socket 775] 512 MB DDR400 RAMx2 [Dual channel][brand simtronics] Seagate 200 GB SATA 7200 RPM...
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    I cant play Farcry on 915G chipset

    Hello everyone I Just a week ago bought an New PC with these ASUS P5GDC-V deluxe motherboard P4 3.0 GHz [socket 775] 512 MB DDR400 RAM In Dual channel that makes 1 GB ram in total Seagate 200 GB SATA hard drive And all other components I have not taken grapic card as 915G...
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    Help to Upgrade?

    Hi everyone,, I want to upgrade my System which has following confugiration,, INTEL original 845GLAD INTEL P4 1.7 Ghz 256MB DDR 266MHz RAM Seagate 80 GB with 7200 Rpm I want to Upgrade my sytem based on 915G motherboard,,But as i dont have enough money to upgrade full system Now i...
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    disable firewall?

    I have dual bot system Windows 98 SE in C Windows XP pro in D [SP1] I have e donkey 2000 file sharing sysytem but it doesnot work as my windows is firewalled so can some one help me how to completely disable the windows firewall? thanking all
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    Removing chapters frm DVD?

    i want to back up my DVD such a way that i want to remove some unwanted chapters frm the DVD ??? for eg, if the title has say 10 chapters then i want to save chapters except 4 ,,i.e, i have to remove 4 th chapter and save the rest of DVD can any one help me in this thanking all
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    download video file?

    hello every one ... How can i download an video files that play in IE window only ??? that means if i click on the video file it opens new window and play the video in IE window i am not talking abt media which comes left side of the IE but it plays in IE windowonly,,,if i click save...
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    Xing player doesnt play files?

    hello every one i have xingMPEG player 3.2 [along with xing driver] but it doesnt play any of the files if i choose to play with xing it shows this message "The xingMPEG driver is currently busy. please close all Mpeg files in any other application and try again"" if i dont open any...
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    PS2 confusion, need solution??

    hi I am planning to buy a New PS2 with modchip, DVD remote control,8 MB memory card,, But as i am staying in village i have not seen PS2,,,i have searched the net and found out about modchip and DVD remote control,,but i am still confused of some problems listed below * does the...
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    need to know about PS2???

    hello every one I am planing to buy a PS2,,, but i am not sure does it plays the following formats and CDs MP3, Divx movies, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW does it play the above plz help thanking all
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    is there any such software???

    hello everyone i have camera through which i have taken some videos and saved the videoclips in my PC i am able to watch the video in slow motion in BS player but i wanted to know which software helps me to save that video files in slow motion so that i can watch that slowmotion videos...
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    Divx DVD player...

    hello guys i am planing to buy a home DVD player,,,, Does some one know which DVD players can play Divx videos plz reply with brand and model number thanking u all
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    Tips and tricks went wrong?

    hello guys i read the tips and tricks section of this month {september 2004 } digit on page number 60 there was tip for mozilla firefox...stated bet u didnt know.....where it was mentioned that we can change the name in the title window as our name or as my browser instead of mozila...
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    desktop like mac

    hello guys i want to know which software or desktop theme softwares make desktop like mac i tryed WINDOWBLINDS & STYLE XP but does not feature a mac theme which looks exactly like mac can anyone tell me which software and where can i download it
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    System got in trouble after installing Windows XP SP 2

    hello every one i just reformatted my PC and installed windows XP professional edition on my P4, 256 MB ram, 845 board system,after installing windows and all graphic drivers and some necessary softwares i installed SP1 which didnt give me any problem,,,after 2 days i installed SP2 [final]...
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