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    DVD writer woes

    Well, that's the end of life for your drive.Its a very common issue . You need to get a new drive :(
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    SMC wireless router not working , any help appreciated

    @mithun_mrg thanks for your response . Currently the modem has only the Power , WPS and LAN1 (I connect using an ethernet cable ) LEDs working. All the other led's are OFF. I am using Win 7 .
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    SMC wireless router not working , any help appreciated

    hi everyone, I recently got a SMC Networks wireless router (ADSL2+)for my BSNL broadband connection. Everything was going on ok. when one fine day ..it stopped working .When i ping the modem,it gives a "PING: transmit failed. General failure." . Any users out there had similar issues ? any...
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    @ajayritik Its a highly rated awesome movie..but definitely suitable for family watching
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    Will 16GB card slow my phone?

    Techenclave has an offer running (given by a dealer ) for a 16GB Class4 Micro SD for 1195 (Shipping extra) check out if interested
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    The Official HTC Desire Thread

    @amitabhishek @desiibond whats the average battery life one gets on a desire (with moderate use that is..) And how much improvement can i expect if i flash a custom ROM ?
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    The Official HTC Desire Thread

    Jumping on to the "Desire" Bandwagon ...and getting "rights" to post on this thread :-).. dont see much activity on this thread now...has everybody stopped playing with their devices :-) ?? been playing with it for a while ..all i can say is its an awesome device with a not so awesome battery...
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    Nokia C7 available ?

    Looks like Nokia has run out of ideas..for naming products, After C6,Nokia-C7-01 seems to be the latest victim.does anybody know hows the 01 better than the 00
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    Nokia C7 available ?

    Is C6-01 available in india yet ?
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    Samsung Galaxy 3 vs LG Optimus One

    check this out Techtree.com India > Features > Comparing Android Touch Phones Under Rs. 20K
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    Nokia C7 available ?

    nokia was always good at hardware,but the problem is software counts equally..they never seem to let go of their old Symbian legacy even after all these years
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    Nokia N8 hits Indian shelves tomorrow, for Rs. 26,259

    how's the symbian 3 User Interface ? is it sluggish as the same old S60 UI ?
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    Nokia C7 available ?

    Has any TDF ian managed to get his hands on a C7 ? A review would be greatly appreciated :-)
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    Nokia C7 available ?

    Is the Nokia C7, the cheaper sibling of N8 out in the market ? websites suggest it would retail less than 20K ?
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    Official Android discussion thread

    just a general query on Google maps, is anybody here using MapDroyd ? wanted to know how good it is . and how relevant it is for India
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    Help buying an android phone!!

    Check out Motorola Quench XT3 ..it has got a better resolution than Galaxy and Wildfire and comes within your budget too.
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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    How is the BSNL 's UL750 plan for browsing ? i mean will it be really slow while browsing ? planning to shift to that..i dont download much downloading but browsing seems to eat up into my d/l limit...currently averaging 70 MB per day..
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    Official Android discussion thread

    Agree with kalpik...and i think 2.1 is the last update X8 will see..it seems that it wont be getting the froyo upgrade ..
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    Official Android discussion thread

    SE Xperia X8 Out officially...listed at Univercell for close to 14K ..now if it runs on 1.6 (Donut) it would be an awesome failure!!
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    SE Xperia X8 Out officially...listed at Univercell for close to 14K ..now if it runs on 1.6 (Donut) it would officially suck !!
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