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  1. J

    HTC DESIRE X -LIke this phone-should purchase ?

    desire x all the way ....i am using this one and completely satisfied ..bought in ~ 19k :)
  2. J

    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    Re: Mobile Buying Guide: November 2012 great work buddy ..... was very helpful can you tell me """1 GHz Qualcomm Scorpion or 1 GHz Cortex-A5, Dual Core """ which is better ? and how much differences in performances .. wat bout adreno and mali ?
  3. J

    advice for phones within range 15-20 k .. to buy on diwali !!

    1. out of range around 25k (i would rather go for galaxy s2 @ this price) 2.saw some bad reviews online ... :(
  4. J

    advice for phones within range 15-20 k .. to buy on diwali !!

    moto atrix 2 is ruled out because of moto sevices . i have used galaxy advance fr a while. dont have great touch... .. yeah have heared tht gals3 mini will be launched... but it may have smaller display around 3 or 3.5 nt good fr a smartphone :)
  5. J

    advice for phones within range 15-20 k .. to buy on diwali !!

    thanx bro.... it was quite useful and i have narrowed down my search... 1.htc desire x 2.samsung nexus 3.samsung galaxy advance 4.xperia go 5.xperia j or p Nexus was launched a way back in oct,2011.So it does matter ? and htc desire x is launched jut in AUG,2012.wat bout samsung gadvance ? 1st...
  6. J

    advice for phones within range 15-20 k .. to buy on diwali !!

    @bhushan : which nexus mobile ? from samsung with coorp of google ....Tht is i think not available much in market .. have searched on Flipkart too.But ratings and reviews were quite impressive. Atrix 2 of MOTO is not recommended my many :| ... i dont wana waste my hard earned(saved :P from many...
  7. J

    advice for phones within range 15-20 k .. to buy on diwali !!

    Thanx Bhushan bro :) atrix 2 seems good but cant say about MOTO services .And yeah Xperia P . i dnt knw its specs will see first :) i was checking within bdget of 15-17 k and have seen these two options r quite good .. kindly give your advice on these: 1. HTC desire S (M afraid ths is nt avail...
  8. J

    advice for phones within range 15-20 k .. to buy on diwali !!

    aroraanant .... thnx bro ........ yeah you are right the above feature are imp and must these days... Guys can i have your views on MOTOROLA ATRIX2 ? it have all the feature but just it has android v2.3 OS dnt know whetehr it will get any update or not... BUT MOTORLA is connected to google now...
  9. J

    asus k55vm vs asus k53sm

    k53 sm 010d is tested nd reliable. m havng the same. go for it. just the volume of speaker is low. cost around 40 or less :)
  10. J

    advice for phones within range 15-20 k .. to buy on diwali !!

    @ reddick acc to one of my frend xperia U has all thngs but battery backup is worse ... is tht true ?? It doesnt last long fr half a day .need to set bightness very low so tht it can be used fr a day ICS willl improve battery ?
  11. J

    advice for phones within range 15-20 k .. to buy on diwali !!

    Hi friends !! Kindly advice me on which mobile set to buy within range of 15-20k on diwali ,2012. I was thinking of MOTO atrix 2 but many are sayng tht MOTO is shuttng down their servcies in INDIA. Also HTC one v has not much hardware . I dont much about HTC . Sony has worse battery backup...
  12. J

    phone under 21k ...

    hy trublu u hav asus k53sm notebook? are u satisfied with it ? i m going to buy :)
  13. J

    Best datacard service in Delhi/NCR

    hello friends, I want to buy a datacard fr using in Delhi/NCR. I dont have much knowledge about these. can anyone tell me which datacard is good fr service and better plans.nd what about BSNL evodo in delhi ?? any idea? Tnx in advnce .
  14. J

    Enter GPV gamepad has no vibrations with window -7

    hello guys !! I bought Enter GPV gamepad recently,I used it with window -7 64 bit .it installed drivers which were required (i think so ).But still vibrations are not working in it.plz help me out how to enable vibrations for ENTER GPV GAMEPAD . or tell meany driver to download.Thanks in advance.:)
  15. J

    Laptops available within 25k or approx.

    thanx for replyng... any other laptop in HP within range ??i couldnot find any
  16. J

    Laptops available within 25k or approx.

    hello , I love this forum .you guys helped me in purchasing Asus K53sM SERIES NOTEBOOK and I am quite satisfy with that laptop.Now i want to buy a cheap laptop with these specifications ,kindly suggest which laptops comes under these: processor :I3 2nd generation Ram : 2gb or more screen...
  17. J

    where can i buy Asus laptop NCR/DELHI

    hello friends , I want to buy Asus K Series K53SV-SX520D Laptop ... can you please tell me from where i can buy this laptop in NCR/DELHI. Its is out of stock in flipcart from 2-3 weeks and also unavailable @ many stores . Plz suggest some ASUS showroom or othrs where ths lapi can be...
  18. J

    HDD noise problem- how to fix it

    well i have checked my HDD using WD Lifegaurd tool and smart toll it says tht HDD is in good health . But may be there r some bad sectors, Do bad sector can cause noise ? when ever i open MY computer icon the PC freezes for microseconds and thn a strange noise begin to start .. so ths noise is...
  19. J

    HDD noise problem- how to fix it

    hey I am having a pc with harddisk 160 GB of WESTERN DIGITAL. and i have used it for less then 2 years. but now a days i am getting noise from HDD whenever i start my PC or open MY COMPUTER (that shows the window of alll hard disk and other devices).Is it my HDD having bad sectors?? why there...
  20. J

    which laptop should i buy ??

    Thank you for your reply as it was really helpful :) Is ASUS laptops are durable and reliable. I have seen in INDIA dell,sony and HP are more famous . And what about customer services from ASUS ?? I dont have any idea about these .oplease enlighten me :P
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