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    N 81 Or 5610 Or N73

    I use N81 . completely love it . the camera is average , it works for those once in a while pics with friends n all . I have seen some of my friends term it as 'heavy' , so do check yourself before you it .
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    Happy Birthday to our moderator - Goobimama!

    Happy Bday Bro .. !
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    Petition to Apple

    is there any other thread more stupid than this in digit forum rite now ?
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    background resizing for blog

    i am working on a new blog . for the background , i want a gradient which will resize itself according to the screen resolution of the user . if anyone can help me with : 1. a gradient maker - i searched on google .. only one is useful and it isnt that good. 2. how to make the...
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    India's very first Olympic Gold in Beijing!

    Congrats .. Hope the rest of the squad keeps it up ..
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    Bangalore Bomb Blast

    CNN IBN quotes police commissioner saying that there have been 7 blasts . i hope everyone is safe .
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    Tutorial : Create Urban Style Artwork/Wallpaper using Gimp

    thnks a lot .. will give it a try .
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    MPs blow whistles to bribes in Lok Sabha

    If you guys have time you can give it a read : http://onluker.com/such-rare-event/ The only positive side to the story is i have never before been motivated to write such a long blog post !
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    Can anyone beat these speeds ???

    ^^ Hell Yeah !
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    a Newbie's queries about Ubuntu........

    M using Ubuntu for the past 1-2 months .. removed Vista .Its super fast now.always had 2 gb but my laptop was never working so smoothly . Had few problems though , like after one major update , my keyboard went crazy . but then fixed that after going through few posts at ubuntuforums.org...
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    Can anyone beat these speeds ???

    i gt 1.5 mbps for 2-3days few months back but not getting the screenshot so no point talking abt that . Heres what i got ..
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    My Marriage Invitation!

    Congrats !
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    The biggest porno DISASTER in my life!!!!!!!! :(

    Nice thread .. at first i thought it was an old thread that someone just bumped . Ajay bro , hope everythings normal for you soon . and good that you admitted it to your parents . like everyone else here said just dont get addicted. As for me, used to rar them when i was in 9-10.now it...
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    iPhone 3G: everything you ever wanted to know (but were afraid to ask)

    shouldnt there be a limit to how much off topic one can go . if i am not wrong , talking on stuff not related to the thread is also spam.
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    Best ADSL 2+ WiFi Router......?

    yea its fine . BSNL ,Airtel , Tata Indicom use ADSL (as far as i know). @speedguy: most routers have 4 ports for connecting desktops . so you can use any router.Netgear,Linksys,Dlink are the preferred ones.
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    Best ADSL 2+ WiFi Router......?

    i have a packed netgear ADSL + wifi at home.couldnt use it as my ISP doesnt support . bought it at 3.5k few months back.should be arnd 2.8-3k right now. you can have mine for a low price , its all packed as i couldnt use it . m using Dlink right now.
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    iPhone 3G's true cost is $1,237!!!!!

    ^"Wow..you have really proved what a fool you are!" ~ suits you better !
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    iPhone 3G's true cost is $1,237!!!!!

    lol.. whr did my post go ? (the one desiibond quoted)
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    3G iPhone announced

    i am so happy for everyone who will be getting an iphone once it comes out here .. i just hope because of all this the prices of high end nokia phones come down .. :) i will be getting a nokia or sony ericsson as soon as iphone comes out . i am not against iphone as such , it seems good ...
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    Cant boot into Vista (Ubuntu works fine)

    i reformatted the full hard disk and installed Ubuntu . Done with windows ...Finally ! :) mods close this thread .
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