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    [For Sale] Giving my isic card

    Hi .... ISIC Card provides discount and Various free benifits...over all the world. Actually i am Windows phone user. I was badly needed for windows developer account. But its was free only for students.... After many trying i did not get valid Edu email or anything. So i ordered for ISIC -...
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    Real File Manager For windows Phone 8 Now Ready!!!

    Atlast window Phone 8 got its first Real File manager. Its now support all Operation on SD card with Full access. All types Support. * i am amazed How they do it...just awesome what i was seeking from Long time. Pocket File Manager 4.0 Pocket File Manager | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (भारत)
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    [Want to Buy] Need a .edu E-mail id for one time use

    Simply... I am a windows phone 8 user and Looking for a developer account for Unlock my Device. Microsoft provides Free Dream spark developer account to students for 1year. But need to varify my account via .edu email address. if some one is student here and have .edu email address from their...
  4. Amir.php

    Asus Zfone 4 , 5 And 6 Series

    Hi friend... According to the news , Asus is going to release his new zfone series 4, 5 and 6....in 4inch, 5 inch and 6 inch relatively. According to the new they nice hardware and Software Based budget android smart phones... Here is The some attractive feature of asus Zfone 4 in just $99...
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    Selling Nokia Lumia 520

    I am Selling My 4 Month used Nokia Lumia 520. Model number and details: Model: Nokia Lumia 520 Color= Black Display: IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen Size: 480 x 800 pixels, 4.0 inches Protection: Scratch-resistant glass card Slot: microSD, up to 64...
  6. Amir.php

    Query Regarding Xolo Q500

    Hi guys...since a long time i have posted on forum. Currently i have a query regarding xolo q500. According to the specifications...its looking nice quad core android mob with 1 gb of ram...and all great features...for solid value of money in approx 7000 ₹. I am thinking to buy it... Before...
  7. Amir.php

    Free reliance gprs 100% workin

    Yes frends you hear right now use reliance gprs free.Just download opera mini 4.2 from given link and enjoy free surfing its 100% working.Here is link Download Opera mini zip
  8. Amir.php

    [HOT]Download Youtube Videos: By by all other sites & software

    Remove it.... Mods please remove it...Erasing my tute.. Some people can not see others. Any way it was my last tute...No share in future. Good by Mr. Crow
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    Small trick: Read any non-language supported site on your java mobile.

    Many times we come across this situation: when we want to read a non supported language site by our java enabled mobile browser. But browser was refuses to read that language and displays some unreadable symbols. :!:This problem occurs, because the lack of this particular language support in...
  10. Amir.php

    opera mini 5 beta launch

    opera recently launches new version of their super browser- opera mini 5 beta. Download and test this browser in it's new awesome avatar from opera mini site.
  11. Amir.php

    Far cry 2 query.

    Recently i have visited ubisoft for online purchase of FC2. But in the requirement they have given 12 GB hdd space, while in the below given: "Download file size 3.7 gb." please tell me what is this means? I have not more information about online download.
  12. Amir.php

    GTA 4 save games error

    I have some save games of GTA 4, Which i have safe before formatting my previous os. But now when i try to play those save games, find Hard disk error: check your hard drive games are shows when i choose load option. Tell me why this error????
  13. Amir.php

    Blank screen after BSOD error

    I am facing this problem from one week. My system was working fine from 2 year before this problem. One day while i was working on my desktop pc a bluescreen error occured and from that time system is refuses to start. Only blank screen i have find...No bios at start....Cpu fan and graphics...
  14. Amir.php

    Windows 7 install error!!!!!!!

    The following Problem i am facing while installing Windows 7 build 7000. Any one help me please, what is this. This error comes up when windows trying to expand files at 20%.
  15. Amir.php

    Lock code of n73

    I want to reset a second hand n73 mobile. But it ask for Lock code. Is there any utility or method to recover lock code? It is very urgent
  16. Amir.php

    Thread visiting counter is not active!!!

    From many of the days i am observing that: Thread visiting counter in Tutorial section has been desabled. Many of the thread have been stop on the same number. My thread counter is also stoped at 3061 from 2-3 months. From that time there many new posts in this thread. One more thread of...
  17. Amir.php

    What is this(virus or anything else)???

    When i connect with internet , In the right side of the Task bar My avast Email Scanner Detect something suspicious. I cannot kill this process because the svchost.exe is windows process and there are many instance of this exe running con currently running in my system(11). And My CPU usage...
  18. Amir.php

    change table name in sql server 2000

    How i can change name of an existing table in sql server 2000? I mean from 'sql query analyzer', using command. please suggest.
  19. Amir.php

    Java Advanced imaging(JAI) needed

    Can anybody give me link to download Java Advanced imaging(JAI). I have tried to find it on sunjava.com, but unlucky. They just discus about, not gived the link. Please give me Direct download link if possible. I need it.
  20. Amir.php

    Nokia n70 bluetooth connection problem

    I have IVT bluesoil dongle. When i tried to connect with n70 after finishing pairing, it shows only three option: 1. Bluetooth dialup networking service 2. Bluetooth file transfer service 3. Bluetooth object push service. It has desabled service: 4. Bluetooth personal area networking...
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