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    [Praise] Logitech KBAM RMA Kolkata

    Hi, Need some information regarding Logitech RMA in Kolkata for Keyboard-Mouse combo. First, do they accept RMA request without original bill? Will they provide warranty based on serial number? Next, where is the service center in Kolkata and what is the process of RMA? Self-delivery or...
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    Incoming call blocking device for BSNL Landline

    I am aware of commercially available call blockers for landline telephones in the US and UK, but can someone point me to something similar for BSNL landlines? Haven't had any luck searching online! Anyone using something similar? Are there land line models available that have inbuilt call blocker?
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    Help to Find

    Apologize for this offtopic post: If anyone has a working installer of "No More Cookies", can you please upload it somewhere? OR Please provide the forum/thread link where I should post this? The original site seems to be dead, the cnet and other dl site versions are, as usual, malware-rigged...
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    [Praise] Homeshop18 Refund without Product Return

    Hi, This happened to a colleague who had shopped at Homeshop18 for a pressure cooker. The first order was placed around the mid of December 2012. It was shipped within 2~3 days, and turned out to be defective. Most of the handle pieces were broken or chipped and the main cooker body had...
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    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse within INR 2K - suggestions please?

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    Cellphone for parents (old, retired folks)

    Hi Dudes and Dudesses.... Need your help / suggestions on purchase of a couple of cellphones for my friend's parents. Basically, his folks want to experience "touch". So, a touchscreen camera phone is an absolute MUST. The only thing they will do with these phones is make calls. And receive...
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    LCD Screen Cleaners

    Hi Guys, Need some help with screen cleaners. The requirement is to clean the screens of a LCD tv and a LCD monitor. Would prefer to buy online unless price difference with local (Kolkata) is huge ( yeah - am a lazy fat-a55! :P ) Please suggest price/location (URLs would be great, but if you...
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    GPU for Casual Gaming - suggestions required

    Hi Dudess and Dudessess..... Need suggestions for GPU. Going to buy around June-end - early July! First PC specs: PSU: Corsair VX550W CPU: Clarkdale i3 540 3.07GHz Mobo: Asus P7H55M-LX Link RAM: Currently 1x2GB 1333 XMS3 - will be upgraded to 2x4GB (either Ripjaws or XMS3)...
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    Need help with Inverter trolley (Kolkata)

    Hi Dudezz of TDF, Me back after a long time. Anyway, current problem goes like this. I bought a Inverter(Microtek SWe2 1550VA SineWave) and a couple of Tubular batteries (Exide IT500 InvaTubular 150Ah) a few days back and God, are they heavy or what!! The inverter weighs almost 20-22 kg and the...
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    CPU and GPU upgrade (AMD and Radeon)

    Hi Folks... One of my friends is going to upgrade his proccy and get a discrete gpu. Total budget - 15K. Current config - AMD X2 (dont know more than this) Asus M4A785D-M Pro DDR2 RAM (dont know how much) Crappy PSU (ya he's got some bull-crap psu and wont upgrade it...so I say, let it blow...
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    Need help - Buying an Inverter

    Folks Gonna buy an inverter+battery setup. Should run preferably everything in the house (all fans, lights, TVs, ACs, computer, kitchen hardware etc) [Do suggest if it is not advisable to run certain gadgets on inverter]. Powercuts in our area generally are an hour long (at times two, three...
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    Suggestions for Notebook Cooler/Stand

    Hi People... Need suggestions for a 15.4 notebook cooler/stand.. My requirement is more for a stand than for a cooler...cause I mostly tend to use the notebook on my bed (irregular, undulating surface)...and that traps a lot of heat...consequently, a very hot notebook.. Notebook specs...
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