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  1. ajayashish

    Divison player on XBOX

    Hi, Any Division players here on XBOX. I would love to play with you guys if interested.
  2. ajayashish

    Budget PC for School student

    Hi, I am looking to build a PC for a School student in 8th standard. I am not in India and am really have no idea about the prices and availability. Please help me build a rig so that I can arrange someone to assemble it. On top of my mind, I was thinking of having a i3/i5 rig with 8 gb of...
  3. ajayashish

    Gamerz from Kolkata

    Hi, I am building a community for player from Kolkata. This is the first step of building something big which is coming in the town in 2018 but I cannot disclose that yet. Please help me build a community and lets get connected. Log in to Facebook | Facebook
  4. ajayashish

    Gaming Parlor - game licensing and sharing

    Hi, I am in a process of Setting up a Gaming Parlor and collecting data and sponsorship. I wanted to know if anyone has any idea on how a gaming parlor share games between multiple console or system or if we have to buy games for each console separately.
  5. ajayashish

    BEST Mobile Connection while traveling abroad

    Hi, My parents are visiting me in CA, USA next week and I am really worried as this is the first time they are traveling internationally. I was wondering if I can get them a SIM which I can use to connect to them when they are in their stopover in Dubai and when they reach in SFO. I saw...
  6. ajayashish

    Gaming Machine for $500

    Hi Everyone, I am here after a long time and i know there cannot be anyone better than Digitians to help me on this. I am in US and was planning to buy the Alienware Alpha but then thought what I can get for the same price range if I assemble a Console. So the requirement is simple. I...
  7. ajayashish

    Suggest me an Android Tablet

    hi, I want to buy a tablet for my parents at a budget of around 10k. I was thinking of buying them a nexus but then found out that it has no rear camera which is annoying. The usage of Tablet will be mostly for Skype Calls, Playing card games, probably I will install Whatsapp so that we...
  8. ajayashish

    Canon 70D or Nikon D7100

    Hi, I would like to have your opinion and reason in choosing between Canon 70D and Nikon D7100. I am doing hobby photography for last 3-4 yrs and now want to change my camera and have sold my old canon 1000D along with all the lens so that I can start fresh. I have a inclination towards...
  9. ajayashish

    Using Monitor and Speakers in US

    Hi, I am moving to US and would like to know if my monitor and speakers which I bought in India will work on US. I think there are voltage and frequency differences and would like to have your suggestion. They are pretty new and since my company will be providing me free shipment, I have...
  10. ajayashish

    SELL: Canon 1000D with Kit 18-55mm lens + 50-250mm IS + 50mm IS f1.8 + lot of filters

    Hi, I want to sell my DSLR along with all the lens. The camera was used by me only and in excellent condition with no scratches on the LCD or anywhere in the body. I love taking photograph and hence love the device which helps me with that so it was never mishandled. The battery is excellent...
  11. ajayashish

    Airtel 3g Kolkata recharge

    Hi, My dad uses Airtel 3G dongle in Kolkata and now we are unable to recharge online. I had a word with the customer care who indeed are useless but then I came to know that you can recharge using Airtel Money or from any store who do smart recharge from mobile to mobile. Is there anyone...
  12. ajayashish

    Suggestion: UPS for router

    Hi, I am looking for a UPS which can power my router atleast for 2-3 hours during power cut. I am mostly working from home and need a emergency power supply so that I can work uninterrupted from home when needed. I have seen some UPS but then one of my friend said that router only takes...
  13. ajayashish

    Advice: Cooling pad for Alienware M15x

    Hi, I am planning to buy a cooling pad for my alienware laptop. I need suggestion on which one to buy. Here are the ones which I have shortlisted but suggestions are always welcomed Cooler Master NotePal L1 Cooling Pad | Cooling Pad | Flipkart.com Cooler Master NotePal U3 Cooling Pad |...
  14. ajayashish

    [Complaint] PrimeABGB poor service

    I purchased a Logitech G110 Keyboard from PrimeABGB.com and they charged me Rs. 160 for shipping. They shipped it with Fedex and upon reciept i found it was damaged. The package was dropped from a corner down as the package had a damage mark on the corner. When i opened the package, i saw that...
  15. ajayashish

    Keyboard and Gaming Mouse

    Hi, I am planning to buy a nice gaming mouse and a keyboard. Please suggest. I am thinking of G400 as the mouse and confused about the keyboard. Some of the keyboard I am thinking of are Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 Keyboard | Keyboard | Flipkart.com Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard |...
  16. ajayashish

    Unlocked Phone from US... will it work in India

    Hi Guys, My wife is travelling to US and am planning to get a new Galaxy S3 from there. Just wanted to confirm if the unlocked phone from there will work in India. Here is the link to what I am thinking of purchasing. Amazon.com: Samsung Galaxy S III/S3 GT-I9300 Factory Unlocked Phone -...
  17. ajayashish

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Runtime error

    Hi, The game was running fine till i reach the "Shattered Mountain" which I believe is the last stage. Suddenly now it giving some Runtime error. So the game starts... i select the campaign and select the last saved state... it starts loading and then a blank screen comes which happens...
  18. ajayashish

    Can I use 2 Router to increase range

    hi, I have 2 Netgear ADSL+ wireless router. I am currently using one and whenever I am in the inner room, the signal is weak. Is there a possibility to use both of them and increase the range of Wireless network. if yes, how to do that.
  19. ajayashish

    Question related to Airtel 3G Dongle

    Hi, My father is using a 3G dongle in Kolkata. He recently came to Bangalore for 2-3 months. His subscription is expiring today and I have following question 1. Is there any grace period for recharge 2. Can he use he dongle in Bangalore Please let me know if anyone is using this service
  20. ajayashish

    Rooting Galaxy S2

    Hi, I want to root my device and want to know some thing before I do. 1. When I root, will all my data be lost. I know I need to take a backup, but will all the contact and SMS will be deleted 2. After rooting will i be able to revert to factory setting in case I have to go to service...
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