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  1. nilgtx260

    PC Buying Guide 2013 - Q4

    Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1 read this awesome review MSI HD 7950 Twin Frozr III 3072 MB Review - Page 30/30 | techPowerUp
  2. nilgtx260

    Upload your Saved Games here....

    arkham city saved game link removed Here is mine Batman Arkham City Saved Game File Battlefield 3 Saved Game File Assassin's Creed Revelations Saved Game File
  3. nilgtx260

    Graphics card around 8k

    if u can sped a little extra bucks u can go for HD 6790
  4. nilgtx260

    PC Buying Guide 2013 - Q4

    Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1 ^^ u remember what I said regarding HD 7970? when it was launched @ 35K the dollar rate was rs.51.50, now it comes down to rs.48.60, but still it costs same..why??? as far I am concern MD computers quoted 12.5k for i5 2500K 1 week ago...
  5. nilgtx260

    Need to build a Gaming PC for Skyrim within 80K

    Intel Core i5 2500K @ 12.5K MSI Z68A-GD55 @ 10.2K Gskill RipjawX 4x2GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM @ 3.2K Seagate 7200.12 500GB SATA HDD @ 4.2K Corsair TX 750V2/SeaSonic SS-850AT 850W @ 6.2K Corsair Carbide 400R Cabinet @ 5K Asus 24X Black SATA DVD R/W @ 1.1K BenQ G2220HDL @ 7.5K MSI/ASUS/Sapphire HD 7950...
  6. nilgtx260

    Need to build a Gaming PC for Skyrim within 80K

    why not HD 7950, if u wait for 2-3 weeks u can have it
  7. nilgtx260

    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    actually my nephew wanted to buy it... ;) BTW when HD 7970 was released in India @ 35K,the dollar rate was Rs.52 & but now dollar rates come down to Rs. 49 very speedily, still it costs same? even if it comes down more to Rs.47, still will it cost 35K? how the hell on earth MD is charging 38K...
  8. nilgtx260

    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    here is the official site MSI USA ? Graphics Card - R7970-2PMD3GD5/OC
  9. nilgtx260

    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    hey hey guys...what is that..I haven't seen this MSI non reference GPU any where on the tech sites.. MSI HD 7970 OC @ 599$ Newegg Core Clock 1010MHz WTF is going on, why HD 7970 costs so high in India? now dollar rates comes to Rs.49.76, that means reference HD 7970 should costs here...
  10. nilgtx260

    Digit Kolkata meet 2012

    Re: Idea: Digit Kolkata meet Thanx for the invitation through PM but as you know I don't live in Kolkata...its hard job to come long way from Asansol, if I could I would surely come but I am a kind of busy right now.
  11. nilgtx260

    Resident Evil 6

    Oh god !!!! I really like whole resident evil series... I played RE1, RE2, RE3 ,RE Code Veroinca, RE Remake, RE Survivors, RE4, RE5.... Resident Evil 4 is my all time favorite game from PS2, I am really looking forward to it.
  12. nilgtx260

    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    this MD Computers Kolkata mailed me, HD 7970 Rs.38,000 astonishing price :shock:
  13. nilgtx260

    Need a new CPU, Mobo & RAM for Gaming Rig, confused about graphics card/s

    skud, if you go to vedant or MD computers, plz let us inform the prices of HD 7970 (Sapphire,MSI,Asus), BTW if you go after 26th jan, you can also visit MD computers new Shop at E-mall ;)
  14. nilgtx260

    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    now this is wayyyyyyy over priced, it should have been 34.5k Asus HD 7970 launched in India at - Online Best Latest Price Reviews | Features in India
  15. nilgtx260

    PC Buying Guide 2013 - Q4

    Re: PC Buying Guide 2012 - Q1 hey where is HD 7970 in 100K config? those who dont wanna go for HD 6950 (2x2GB) CFX @ 32K, they may go for a single HD 7970 which will cost here probably 34.5K
  16. nilgtx260

    CPU+Motherboard+HDD+RAM combo in 11k(max)

    asked 500GB hdd price from a local shop few minutes ago, 4.2K, man what the hell !!!! :evil:
  17. nilgtx260

    Best rig to build around the 7970?

    ^^ change the mobo & get ASUS P8Z68-V-PRO ;) get Corsair AX 1000w cause HD 7970 CF needs only 750w ;) (according to guru3d) & go for CM Storm Trooper ;)
  18. nilgtx260

    Need Urgent help with a new Pc build!!!

    ^^ this is crossfire/sli enabled mobo na?
  19. nilgtx260

    Help with New Year Gaming Rig

    lol I just advised him what I felt right from my point of veiw :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  20. nilgtx260

    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    ^^ dunno about that, I always ask to Palash Da & Pradip Ji ;)
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