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  1. Beckhamgal

    Wi-Fi Phone

    Hello guys, Planning to buy a new phone, basically a phone with wi-fi. And m completely clueless! The phone should be goodlooking. Need not necessarily be a touch screen. Edge, Good cam and good music are other diserable features. My budget is 16k. Suggestions please.
  2. Beckhamgal

    Help!! 7210 Supernova

    I m not able to install opera mini on my supernova 7210. It gets dloaded but dosent install. It says "Failed to connect". I m using airtel n hv a working web on my phone. Tried to install with different certificates but no use. Even tried opera mini 3. Checked APN settings; they are cool. What...
  3. Beckhamgal

    Talk endlessly for Re.1???

    Read more here
  4. Beckhamgal

    Nokia 5130 hangs?!?![Most Urgent]

    Hey guys! I went to buy Nokia 5130 an hour ago. The shopkeeper told me not to buy the phone as it hangs between regular intervals!! Is it true?? the phone really hangs?! I rea;lly like the phone n wanna buy it TODAY. Please help!! Thanks.
  5. Beckhamgal


    Hey!! I wanna knw abt Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination(SCRA). Whats its syllabus n eligibility criteria? How can I apply? When are the application forms coming out n from where can I get them? Thanks in advance.
  6. Beckhamgal

    Wbjee Exam Centre

    Hey guys! I m writing in wbjee this april and guess what..m clueless about the exam centre. They hvn't cared to specify it. I searched everywhere; the only information they give is that there are 56 centres across bengal n tripura. Nothing at the website(wbjeeb.in)!!!! And I hvnt recived the...
  7. Beckhamgal

    No career after +2

    Hey guys, I am a +2 student giving boards. And the meltdown has become a nightmare now; it worries me a lot:cry:. I have filled forms of various engg collages nd m gonna appear in those exams. But i don't think its that secured, you see, m talking about job security. They are not placing...
  8. Beckhamgal

    Moto Closed???

    Hey guyz, I went to buy a motoming a1200 couple of days ago and they said that the company closed on 31st dec. What the hell!! How can it be closed just like that. If its so..I m surely gonna miss those sleek n cheap mobile sets. Moreover, I want a substitute now!!!!!
  9. Beckhamgal

    Wanna a phone under 11k

    Hey guys, wanna gift a good phone to my sister under 11k ..with following specs: 2" or above display, Bluetooth, IR(optional), USB mass storage, decent memory space+expandable card,2mp or above camera, GOOD music+FM, Lotzza pre-loaded or dload-able games, Can/cant be a touch screen, should be...
  10. Beckhamgal

    A virus has been detectd!! Help guyz!!

    Hi, Every time I log in to my net connection my antivirus shows a virus(actually not one many it shows)...I choose to delete them one after another..but after I restart my net again it reappears. They hv placed themselves at document locals n are in GIF formet...0 bytes size. I m using Avast...
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