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  1. jz2linkinpark

    Best rig to build around the 7970?

    Hi all ok so I've been away from the pc gaming scene for a while now due to various reasons but mostly since my Xbox 360 has always sufficed Ive been hearing many good things about this new gpu however so I've decided to purchase a new rig, but at the same time I don't know much about current...
  2. jz2linkinpark

    am i being blocked?(in msn live)

    hello everybody, could i know how to figure out if i'm being blocked by a certain contact?
  3. jz2linkinpark

    How to uninstall ubuntu?

    hi all, I installed the linux distro "ubuntu 6.06" some weeks earilier but it is conflicting with my win-xp installation and i frequently get "the blue screen of death", how may i uninstall this distro and remove all evidences of its existence from my computer, i tried taking out the hard disk...
  4. jz2linkinpark

    'helpctr.exe' ctr not found

    hey guys, now i clicked on the help and support button on control panel, and it said that 'helpctr.exe' not found, can someone tell me where i can get this file and where i have to place it, please? thank you
  5. jz2linkinpark

    best 3d sketch tool?

    hey guys! this is my first thread in some time, so its quite important. what are the best 3d model softwares?(like SketchUp and AutoCAD) i prefer sketchup, but it doesn't have enough resources, so can anyone tell me about some other software? please not 3dsmax, its a little beyond my reach...:(
  6. jz2linkinpark

    how attract people to blog?

    i've just started maintain a blog,hows the best way to attract people to it? also which host is the best for blogs?
  7. jz2linkinpark

    core2 solo or core2duo?

    hey guys, i just bougght a rig a week back with e6300 cpu,now i tried benchmarking it using everest and sissoftware lite,now the benchmarks along with the over-all performance seemed remarklably low for core,and then,with a little button pressing with the benchmarks,i saw that mine showed the...
  8. jz2linkinpark

    satellite info needed to view indian channels

    hey dudes! now i was in bangalore a few days ago and i realised how much i missed the great indian music and soap channels:D,so i purchased a pretty expensive sattelite dish after coming back(one which you can move using remote control) and i want to view the indian channels,anyone know a...
  9. jz2linkinpark

    core2duo comp. for 25k- !!!!

    hey everybody, take a look at what i assembled!! e6300 proccy 9000 rupees 512mb 667mhz ddr2 2200 rupees 200gb samsung sataII 3500 rupees gigabyte c2d 945p mobo 5000 rupees BenQ dvd-RW 3500 7300gs graphics 3500 15inch monitor FREE!!! i got this config for a total of 24,800...
  10. jz2linkinpark

    how do i merge partitions?

    hey all, my computers hardrive had been divided into two partitions since the day i assembled it,when i asked my dealer why,he said that it was easier to reinstall windows or something like that,but now i can't even find enough space to install F.E.A.R in my master partition,so how can i...
  11. jz2linkinpark

    Server as PC(price confusion)

    hey doods! now,i ordered a pc a few days ago based on e6400 proccesor,1.0gb ddrII 667 mhz ram,320gb seagate barracuda harddrive,atx xabinet,550 watt smps power,dvd-rw benQ,gigabyte 8I945P S3 mobo,geforce 7300gs and 19inch LG crt. this baby cost me $968,but then,today at work,the manager...
  12. jz2linkinpark

    GeForce6200 vs Geforce7900

    i have a question, people always say that with a better graphics card,the game will run faster and more smoothly,but is there any visual performance increase? for example:if i max out the graphical settings of need for speed most wanted on a geforce 6200TC,will i get the same visual beauty as...
  13. jz2linkinpark

    Processor Overclocking Issues

    hey guys! these days i've been hearing the word overclocking a lot,it seems to be a concept through which we can make our hardware a hell lot faster but have any of you guys noticed that we only hear abt the end results? how exactly do we overclock?(especially the processor) what kind of...
  14. jz2linkinpark

    help wanted for buying core2duo pc

    hi there guys!! i have decided to invest in a new computer based around the new core2duo chipse.Due to the fact that i live in hanoi and i'm pretty new here,it was kinda hard for me to actually find a good dealer for performance computers. I was able to find a bundle of shops here,and i...
  15. jz2linkinpark

    NOKIA N91 for sale!!

    i am interested in selling an almost new perfect condition nokia n91 mobile device,with no bad sctors in the hard drive and saturated with my collection of music. those who are interested,email me at [edited: FatBeing - Please use PM]
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