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  1. skghosh44

    Purchase of New Laptop

    I Wish to purchase a laptop. Budget is Rs, 30-35K. Which will be the best with this budget. HCL brand falls under this budget with 3 or 4GB RAM, 360GB HDD and dual core T3200 processor. But people say HCL create problem after few months. What the digitians opinion. Please suggest.
  2. skghosh44

    Auto Scrolling of Page

    Thanks both of you. You are both right. The problem is with the mouse. As soon as I changed the mouse the problem is solved.
  3. skghosh44

    Auto Scrolling of Page

    Recently I am facing a problem. The problem is when I open any page in any program such as Ms Word, Excel, Notepad, any browser like Mozila, Chrome, IE, the page automatically scroll down to the end of page. Whenever I try to scroll the page to the desired position, I could not stop the page. I...
  4. skghosh44

    Check Digit

    Any one to find out the formula????? It will be a grate help for me.
  5. skghosh44

    Check Digit

    Here is some 11 digit numbers. The first 10 digit are actual Number and the 11th digit is a check digit. Now I wish to know how to find out the last digit i.e the check digit. 1077631548-1 1077631688-1 1077631790-9 1077631810-8 1077631874-3 I shall be glad to know the formula/procedure to...
  6. skghosh44

    Help for Printer Installation - Windows Vista

    I think on connecting d printer directly in Vista, most probabily u will get all the interface. After direct installation try to do print,scan fax and look what the error msg come out. It it ask for installation CD do the same.
  7. skghosh44

    Path of Printer

    I am writing a programme in Visual Foxpro, where I have to select network(LAN) printer for printing in the programme. The command is as under \\network name \printer name = desitnation Now how I have to find out these all and create the command to work in Visual Foxpro. By default the output...
  8. skghosh44

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009

    It seems that earlier u have installed KAV7 and presume that u have uninstalled it. If so delete this registy entry. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\avp6_post_uninstall Now install KIS 2009. It will install nicely. Activate it for one month. After one month...
  9. skghosh44

    downloading data but failed

    Install try Free Download Manager from here
  10. skghosh44

    Free SMS from PC to Mobile

    I tried it but it only works with Airtel. Will u please give me the name other than Airtel, also please will the service available is ASSAM.
  11. skghosh44

    Free SMS from PC to Mobile

    For sending SMS from PC to any mobile in india is possible by BSNL's dialup connection, but now a dyas dialup connection is dying and peoples are switching to DataOne connection. Through Dataone I think there is no facility to send SMS. As far as I know In the other Yahoo messenger has facility...
  12. skghosh44

    iPhone 3G: everything you ever wanted to know (but were afraid to ask)

    Thank U for the beautiful information.
  13. skghosh44

    Need study Material for Bank Exam. Please help

    You may purchase banking exam guide books from local book shop. From these books you may get some idea about the bank exam. Others things depends on your intelegent, general knowledge and above all your educational knowledge.
  14. skghosh44

    Urgent problem pls help

    download hijackthis here and install hijackthis and scan your pc save the scan file and post the file here.
  15. skghosh44

    Hardware Queries :----

    Thanks to every one for reply.
  16. skghosh44

    When you will be available in the forum? skg

    When you will be available in the forum? skg
  17. skghosh44

    Hardware Queries :----

    I have some queies in my mind, I wish to get answer from the members of the forum. 1. Is it possible to connect two drives (HDD + DVD drive or HDD+HDD) in single SATA port like IDE connector ? 2. What is the basic difference between SATA and SATA-II. Is there any compatiable issue with...
  18. skghosh44

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit May 2008

    FatBeing vbmenu_register("postmenu_816560", true); Administratus Rotundus Will This months DVD will be same as March & April 2008 DVD's ? Which are so carefully burned at you end that there are NO ANY CONTENTS IN THE DVD's. Now those DVDs are toy for children.
  19. skghosh44

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    Have anyone Reviewed the Intel E8400 C2D Processor, What is it Performance with Intel G33 chipset based Mother board. If there is other chipset with onboard graphics Please name the Motherboard which is best suited with the E8400 processor.
  20. skghosh44

    How to make an inexpensive & efficient Computer

    OK, Thanks.
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