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  1. nileshgr

    Configuration advice

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new PC. I've my eyes on AMD FX 8350. Earlier I was looking at i5 3550, but this thing seems more powerful at 4 Ghz with 8 cores. My main use would be Linux and some gaming on Windows. Don't ask me which games I'm going to play because I have been out of touch of...
  2. nileshgr

    AIEEE quota in Maharashtra ?

    Till date I was thinking that, to get admission through AIEEE in Maharashtra colleges (non-autonomous and not via CCB) requires that the candidate has to give MH-CET. But someone told me that it can be applied without appearing into MH-CET too. Is this true ? I.e. through CAP conducted by DTE...
  3. nileshgr

    What should I do with my website ?

    I have a website about technology itech7.com which is not receiving many hits. I have lots of articles in it contributed by me, and many friends. Can somebody what should I do with it ? I was thinking of starting a forum, but it will take sometime, because I don't want to use a ready made forum...
  4. nileshgr

    Damn Small Linux NFS Boot

    Hi, I have an old laptop which supports only and only LAN booting. So I configured my big box with PXE and all. I tried to use it with Damn Small Linux. But by default DSL doesn't seem to have the network module for the kernel. I tried to find a lot for the network module for kernel 2.4.31...
  5. nileshgr

    VPS query

    Guys do you know any reliable VPS provider who provides VPS < $15/mo without any cPanel. I want unmanaged VPS. Any idea ? Is this VPS Host good: http://vpsville.ca/plans
  6. nileshgr

    Xen Virtualization

    1Hi guys. I have installed xen and required packages. Since I got a new box (see my sig), I want to do virtualization for windows (for the sake of VB n Oracle in my 11th syllabus!). I am presently doing this with qemu.. but it turns out to be a bit slow even after allocating 600 MB of RAM and 1...
  7. nileshgr

    The Evolution of a Programmer

    High School/Jr.High 10 PRINT "HELLO WORLD" 20 END First year in College program Hello(input, output) begin writeln('Hello World') end. Senior year in College (defun hello (print (cons 'Hello (list 'World)))) New professional #include <stdio.h>...
  8. nileshgr

    Networking from 2nd bedroom to shop below building

    We have an old Pentium 1 laptop with Networking Support. My mom is a doc... till now she was havin the clinic in a hall of our 2 joined flats.. now v hv got a shop 4 rent.. and she wants a computerised system for management. Since my box is a server I can write PHP/Python app using MySQL to...
  9. nileshgr

    An Indian boy in USA :D

    Here's a nice joke for you guys :P Here is a 'true' story about a Indian boy on his first day at school in the USA . It was the first day of school and a new student named Chandrashekhar Subramanyam entered the fourth grade. The teacher said, 'Let's begin by reviewing some American History...
  10. nileshgr

    Please review my site

    Hello guys, my site is up @ http://www.itech7.com I want you guys to review it and suggest changes. :)
  11. nileshgr

    Unable to access h/w devices from user account!!

    Hi guys, I recently install XFCE then removed GNOME. But in XFCE I got the problem of this h/w permissions so I thought restoring GNOME would help ....but no. The funny problem now is I am unable write CDs/DVDs via my user account and not even play audio CDs. Also, I am unable to scan using my...
  12. nileshgr

    pidgin doesn't notify me on orkut scraps :?

    I think you all might be knowing that orkut can notify on new scraps via Google Talk when they arrive. I had this feature working sometime ago on my pidgin,, but now, pidgin doesn't notify me on scraps.... Is there any special plugin for this or Google has disabled notification of orkut scraps...
  13. nileshgr


    I am having two problems with my system - 1. I can't open some sites like drupal.org ; etc. I am using OpenDNS. Opening the site through a proxy works. But on my system, even lynx doesn't open it. Just keeps loading......loading..... How to solve this ? 2. My scanner is available to root...
  14. nileshgr

    Help! I'm in trouble with my router!

    I have a router which came with VSNL connection. I changed its internal IP address from to I forgot to disable the Access Control which I had enabled such that only and can access it. Now I am not able to access the router configuration. What to...
  15. nileshgr

    Improve this old laptop.

    We have a old bull$hit laptop with 24 MB RAM, 700 MB HDD, Pentium 1 100 Mhz. Dad wants to give it to my aunt for checking mails. IE4 isn't working properly and I installed firefox. firefox is a memory hog for it. Please suggest somethings to improve this bull$hit thing. Dad is eating...
  16. nileshgr

    DSL Router setup help!!!!

    I have got a new VSNL connection with a free static IP. Now the router is configured for the IP using MER method in WAN. And there is my pc and my dad's lappy on the network using a switch in between. The problem is that when I access my server address itech7.com, it points to the DSL router...
  17. nileshgr

    Help!!! Urgent!!!! Internet Not Working!!!!

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: My internet story- Internet was working in F7. I formatted and installed F8. Now I am unable to get the IP address. On setting a local ip ; i can login to the DSL router though I don't require it to tune coz reliance dsl is a...
  18. nileshgr

    A funny image to laugh upon

    I just clicked the Stumble! on my FF toolbar and it took me to this image - :D :D :D :D
  19. nileshgr

    Quad Core & HDDs

    What is the cost of AMD Quad Core and Intel Quad Core ? What is the difference between SATA, PATA and IDE ATA ?
  20. nileshgr

    Python Query Thread

    This is the thread in which I will post all my queries about Python here. Mods please don't lock this thread. I will create no more threads on Python if you don't lock this. :) TEMPLATING ENGINE: Which is the best Python templating engine ? I know three Cheetah, Kid, PSP. Any others to...
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