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  1. GNUrag

    Think like a dog

    A dog's life, pretty simple it is. http://www.subtraction.com/archives/2007/0918_think_like_a.php
  2. GNUrag

    Article on FOSS in Times of India

    Hi, Please check the article in Times of India Mumbai edition on Free Software and GNU/Linux. Its on page 12 and features your's truely too :)
  3. GNUrag

    Debian GNU/Linux DVDs are worth 8 billion US $

    Value of Debian GNU/Linux. The paper Measuring Free and Libre Software studying the size of the source packages in Debian 3.1 'Sarge' calculates the size of sarge (close to 230 million lines of source code), the use of the various programming languages in which the software has been written...
  4. GNUrag

    The Ubuntu Bus!

    Ubuntu Linux being used into a Brazilian Community Project The project is a bus that have 12 pc, it will go over the city on quarters, offering courses about Internet and OpenOffice.org for poor people. At first time the courses will be at morning and at night, on afternoon the bus will...
  5. GNUrag

    Workshop on GNU/Linux @ Mumbai

    Workshop on GNU/Linux @ Mumbai Conducted by: Free Software Foundation of India VENUE: Dental Auditorium, RAIT College of Engineering, Dr D Y Patil Vidya Nagar, Sector 7, Nerul, New Mumbai-400706. SPEAKERS: -> Dr. Nagarjuna G. (TIFR, Chairman FSF-India) -> Anurag Patel (TIFR)...
  6. GNUrag

    [Searchive] I dont use Google now.

    This site was featured in BBC's Click Online. A search engine written by Vinod http://overslide.com/cgi-bin/searchive.pl Book mark this guyz...
  7. GNUrag

    Chat Clients : A mini shootout

    On request from Ricky, i am doing a small shootout of chat clients in linux/unix environment. However this list is about the clients that i have used. Chat Clients : A mini shootout 1) Unix Talk This one is the most basic chat program available for all the unix geeks since ages. First...
  8. GNUrag

    List of GNU/Linux user groups in India

    A good OpenSource/GNU-Linux forum should also have a list of all the LUG mailing lists. So here it is... till now we use to redirect people to LFY's page but now we have our own list which was originally compiled by Fredrick Noronha (FN) and posted to FSF-Friends mailing list . I would keep...
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