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    [Complaint] Complaint About Supertron (Sapphire)

    Hello Everyone, I had purchased a R9 280x Toxic Edition in 2014 at that time Aditya Infotech was giving the service. Few months back My card stopped working and then I had contacted Supertron (Raipur) who recently started giving service for sapphire products (Graphics card).I handled them my...
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    [For Sale] Hd 4650 xfx 1gb on sale cool deal !

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: HD4650 1 GB Expected Price: Rs 2500/- Non Negotiable Time of Purchase: June /2/ 2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes| 25 Months Reason for Sale: Need Cash Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Product Condition: 4.5/5...
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    [Want to Buy] Need GFX under 3000 shipped

    Needed gfx any higher one in waarranty or off warranty. Prefferd gfx card 5670,hd 4850,4770, Nvidia 9800gtx, gts 250 etc
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    Tx850 new brand version 2 on sale!

    For Sale ! LOOKING FOR QUICK SALE PRICE DROPS: 6300 + SHIPPING •Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: •Expected Price:6300 + Shipping Looking for quick sale •Time of Purchase:10 days before •Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 5 Yrs •Reason for Sale...
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    850tx v2

    Hello Everyone I cant find 850TX V2 in good prices may be 7000 upto. OR Please suggest me psu upro that thankx maximum 850Watts
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    :))For Sale ! •Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Intel •Expected Price: Rs 6000/- •Time of Purchase: JUly 2010 •Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes UPTO JULY 2013 •Reason for Sale: PURCHASE SABERTOOTH X58 •Purchase Invoice Available: Yes •Product Condition...
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    Zebroncis 500w platinum

    SALE SALE SALE ! Cheap Psu on Sale, Zebronics 500 W platinum power supply. 1.5 Yrs Warranty left. BLUE LED 120MM FAN No Box,Manula Available Not Shipping to West Bengal Expected price 1400 Rs can be low down too if interested. Invoice Available (Local Dealer) Shipping Price Rs 100...
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    A good TX750 or any good Powerfull PSU

    Hello Every One, Its urgent for my new Build to have a descent powersupply for my system. I dont have much money to buy a this. CORSAIR TX750 POWER SUPPLY (CMPSU-750TXUK) | eBay So looking for a used one thankx. A Gs800 will also do the job
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    5.1 Home theatre Problem

    Hello Everyone, I have a problem with my hometheater 5.1. I am Using the onboard sound card its 8 channel supported and the sound mangger m using is Realtek ALC892. I have problem facing with my speaker that is whenever I tries to plays the right speaker using the realtek mager to test...
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    Suggest a sata 6gb HDD Internal

    Hello Everyone, Pls Suggest me list of sata 6 gb hdds also they should have the following. 7200rpm or more 1 tb storage not more Price rate of 5000 64mb cache for fast performance I have in my mind WD 1 TB Sata 3 Black Caviar Pls suggest me Thnkx in ADVANCE
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    Help to Chosing A SSD

    Hello Everyone. Here Help me to chose me a SSD for my RIG. I am going to buy a WD Black caviar sata 3 7200rpm and 64mb cache. As well as I am buying a ssd for that. I dont have budjet more that 8000. Pls tell me the sata 3 ssd. I have in mind OCZ Agility 3 60gb. Pls suggest more ...
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    [Complaint] [Solved] Rashi RMA Service Raipur

    Hello Everyone, I am here going to post my experiece about the Rashi RMA service in Raipur. On May,12th 2011 I had Purchased a New MotherBoard Sabertooth X58 for my Intel Corei7 920 System. I noticed that one of the Ram Slot on my motherboard isnt working there were 6 slots and the B1...
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    WD Black Caviar Review

    I would like to go with the Western Digital Black Caviar 1 Tb 7200rpm Sata 3 and 64mb Cache. Please tell me compared to its price is it performer. In how much time it will load windows 7 and other apps of windows. Also in gaming. And pls also tell me how much the performance will...
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    TX650 Querries

    Hello, I want to purchase a good cpu PSU and want to SLI in future. But most of the high End cards need 2 * 8pin power connector like the gtx580s. Or any other Ati Cards and i am overclocking too my cpu to 3.8 to 4.00ghz. Pls suggest will this able to handle. I have H70 cpu cooler and...
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    H70 Dillemma

    Hello Everyone, I had today purchased a new H70 cpu cooler in Rs.5000 and free shipping for my Rig refer my sig. So pls tell me. Is it need some maintanence or refilling . Pls answer I will post Pictures of that and my new mobo Sabertooth X58 which i purchased last month
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    Which HSF to buy.

    Hello, I have a Sabertooth X58 and in tel corei7 920 with HD5770 GFX and TX750 PSU. I want to hardly overclock my cpu to 4.00ghz Pls tell me a good cpu cooler my budjet is 5000 only not greater that. I have in my these coolers. NH D14 H70 I think NH D14 cant fit in my case (may...
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    Noctua NHD14 Querries

    Hello, In few days m goin to buy NHD14 from theitwares.com. Is this site really good and what abt the packaging. Another Question I have this cabinet Zebronics - Products : Cabinet - Intermediate Series - Desire The widht is 180mm and D14 jst wants 160mm to fit. so can it be fit...
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    sabertooth x58 socket problem

    Hello everyone In the last month i had purchased the asus saberttoh x58 board with my local store. I see in the manual that we have to put dram in a1 and b1 slot but strangely one b11 slot not workin so i thauht that i have to remove it to a2 slot and then it works good.bios shows the 4 gb...
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    Need help with PSU

    So Finally, I had decided to change my crappy zebronics 500w platinum psu. I come to know differtnt Psus Like, Corsair TX650 V2 @ 5500 in Primeabgb Corsair GS800 @ 5600 in primeabgb and the Mega XFX 650w xxx Modular I can find it in lynx india. XFX 650 Watts SMPS - Model...
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    Gonna Trapped in Doubt

    Hello Everyone, My Rig is in my Sig. I have a ultimate doubt.As i have a Zebronics Patinum 500W psu 12v@22A, +3.3v@24A,+5v@26A. So I have a budjet of 5.5k. Should i have to change my psu.I dont want sli or crossfire now. Also,I am willing to buy a cooler master 430elite chassis and A...
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