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  1. skghosh44

    Purchase of New Laptop

    I Wish to purchase a laptop. Budget is Rs, 30-35K. Which will be the best with this budget. HCL brand falls under this budget with 3 or 4GB RAM, 360GB HDD and dual core T3200 processor. But people say HCL create problem after few months. What the digitians opinion. Please suggest.
  2. skghosh44

    Auto Scrolling of Page

    Recently I am facing a problem. The problem is when I open any page in any program such as Ms Word, Excel, Notepad, any browser like Mozila, Chrome, IE, the page automatically scroll down to the end of page. Whenever I try to scroll the page to the desired position, I could not stop the page. I...
  3. skghosh44

    Check Digit

    Here is some 11 digit numbers. The first 10 digit are actual Number and the 11th digit is a check digit. Now I wish to know how to find out the last digit i.e the check digit. 1077631548-1 1077631688-1 1077631790-9 1077631810-8 1077631874-3 I shall be glad to know the formula/procedure to...
  4. skghosh44

    Path of Printer

    I am writing a programme in Visual Foxpro, where I have to select network(LAN) printer for printing in the programme. The command is as under \\network name \printer name = desitnation Now how I have to find out these all and create the command to work in Visual Foxpro. By default the output...
  5. skghosh44

    Free SMS from PC to Mobile

    For sending SMS from PC to any mobile in india is possible by BSNL's dialup connection, but now a dyas dialup connection is dying and peoples are switching to DataOne connection. Through Dataone I think there is no facility to send SMS. As far as I know In the other Yahoo messenger has facility...
  6. skghosh44

    Hardware Queries :----

    I have some queies in my mind, I wish to get answer from the members of the forum. 1. Is it possible to connect two drives (HDD + DVD drive or HDD+HDD) in single SATA port like IDE connector ? 2. What is the basic difference between SATA and SATA-II. Is there any compatiable issue with...
  7. skghosh44

    Downloading Problem.

    From yestarday I am facing a strange problem regarding downloading file from net. The problem is, yestarday and today I tried to downlaod two file 1)COMODO FireWall 2) TrendMicro Virus Pattern File. I am using Free Download Manager in Windows OS. While I start downloading COMODO (20MB) through...
  8. skghosh44

    What is SmartSound Quicktrack plugin.msi ??

    Header of the thread is suffice. Any one any idea about this plugin. What is the function of this plugin ??
  9. skghosh44

    How to protect USB memory drive from virus attack ??

    Now a days most of us using USB flash drive for data carrying. But there is a common problem with these USB flash drive for virus attack and spreading to other computer. Is there any way to protect the usb flash drive from virus attack when I plugin the USB flash drive to other computer which...
  10. skghosh44

    Smartsound soundtrack plugin.msi

    Smartsound quicktrack plugin.msi Wrong Recently I have deleted a folder C:\programme file\smartsound. I thought this a malicious programme and parmanently deleted the same. Today while I open an application "dataone usage finder" to see the usage it is not open instead it start to install the...
  11. skghosh44

    Children's Fun web sites

    A few days back I found two websites for school going children. I found both the web sites is full of fun as well as some excitment to get something. Both are from India's well known company's. 1) TINKLE 2) CANDYMAN. I think the members of this forum who are school going will like the web sites...
  12. skghosh44

    IE Display Problem

    Please go through the screenshot. how to enable the script on the page. Please look the X mark page, i.e the page is uable to load the script. There is no msg on the page ? Hence I am unable to solve the problem. Any one can open the page www.bseindia.com put any company's BSE stock code and...
  13. skghosh44

    Trouble shooting DSL connection in Ubuntu

    Today while I was surfing the net on Ubuntu OS , my system shutdown due to UPS failure. When I restart the system, DSL modems Lan light not glowing. I cant connect the net. I tried to reconfigure the Setting by command "pppoeconf" it detect the Lan card but failed to continue the setting with a...
  14. skghosh44

    Surfing web sites other than English Language

    How to make setting in the PC to view web sites which are not published in English Language ? I mean if I want to view a e-edition of a news paper which is in Bengali or Hindi script. Today I visited the Ananda Bazar Patrika Bangla edition, but it appear in machine language. There is some...
  15. skghosh44

    Abandoned Animals

    Hi guys, My son(Class -viii) has been given a composition on the above topic from his school, may I seek your helps in this regard. I google the content but no suitable answer was found. So I need your help. Only few lines about "Why animals abandon ?" is sufficient, rest he will complete.
  16. skghosh44

    Download Manager for Ubuntu

    Is there any windows OS like FILE DOWNLOAD MANAGER in Ubuntu. If there is, is it intigrate with Firefox browser. Because the default download manager of Firefox is not able to download some audio/video files.
  17. skghosh44

    Video Capture in Ubuntu from Mini DV Camcorder through IEEE 1394

    How to detect IEEE 1394 Fireware in Ubuntu and capture video from Mini DV camcorder to PC. thanks in advance.
  18. skghosh44

    Ieee 1394 Problem In Ubuntu

    In Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon I tried to capture video from camcorder through Kino, but it fails to capture without any msg. I go through the setting of KINO package and there it shows some error, now how to rectify this errors.
  19. skghosh44

    Congrates some of the forum Members !!!

    Today I got my copy of Digit Dec2007 issue. and I delighted when I see the following members name. Congratulation to the followng members of this forum whose Tricks & Tips published in the DIGIT DECEMBER 2007 SPL ISSIUE. 1. VISHAL GUPTA 2. GARY4GAR 3. kAL_21 4. Quiz_Master 5. Manshahia 6...
  20. skghosh44

    Happy Dusshera/Vijaya Dashami

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