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    India’s first manned space flight trial in 2015

    This might be fun :P
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    iBall Slide Q9703 launched for Rs 15,999

    Phone looks good but i am not quite sure how it will perform..Guess will have to wait for some reviews
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    Angry Birds movie set for 1st July 2016

    Wow lets see how this turns out but three years is a long time to wait
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    Will Bangalore have to be evacuated by 2023?

    This is scary for the guys in Blore!
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    Sony announces waterproof Xperia ZR

    Beautiful but still too expensive!
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    Assassin's Creed creator unceremoniously fired from Ubisoft.

    sad i really liked the game until now!
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    India’s first manned space flight trial in 2015

    Amazing to see how good the technology has became!
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    Rajasthan: 5 of a family commit suicide believing they will meet god

    Don't understand what some people think!
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    I am planning to start Bioshock infinite today...
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    Smartphones 'as addictive as cocaine'

    Its now become a thing of the past!
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    Disney closing LucasArts

    I was hoping Lucas arts to come out with another version of Escape from the monkey island guess it wont happen now :(
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    google play launches movies in india

    A few movies a ridiculously overpriced..
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    Microsoft now understands Windows 8 is very annoying

    Its about time they realise
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    Ranveer Singh : S4 Samsung Style

    Ha does this video indicate another lawsuit :P
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