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    Digit Store

    Does anyone have any experience ordering stuff from the digit store (Think Digit Magazine – Buy Digit Magazine | Magazines Shop Online In India.) I had ordered the June issue on 16th June, but have not received it as yet , and neither have I received any mail regarding the shipping. I have only...
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    Manhunt 2/Bully

    Anyone knows where Manhunt2 or Bully original DVD's are available in the market and what the approx price will be? From what I could find out Manhunt 2 is
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    Approx Kingston/Corsair RAM Price

    KHX1333C7D3K4/8GX KHX1333C7D3K2/4G Any idea if the above RAM kits from kingston are available in India and if they are then what would the cost be? Also, if the cost is equal,is it better to go for matched kits or buy separate sticks. What would be the prices for the equivalent kits in Corsair?
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    Motherboard-Intel or other

    What is the advantage,if any of going with a 3rd party motherboard like Gigabyte,etc rather than going with Intel, if the computer is not going to be used for overclocking?
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