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    Torrent downloads

    If we go by your "law of probability" then as time passes there will lesser leechers as well thus nullifying the effect on swarm speeds. Thus, the swarm speeds are ultimately effected by number of leechers/seeders only. Also, what happened to the other point? Can you give any insights in...
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    Torrent downloads

    Oh yeah right...stupid comments. Either we should take bullshit from you or else it is stupidity. Quite comfortable :lol: Ok kid go out and play then.
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    Data Recovery

    Repartitioned and formatted? Say good-bye to your data. I don't think any application will help you in here. What was the need of repartitioning?
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    Torrent downloads

    lol!!! you don't need to, cos you have no idea what you are talking about. ---------- Stop spreading the FUD man. BwT admins would never say anything so stupid. Show me a single comment where ANY BwT admin/mod says that they can control speed and I will retract every word I wrote...
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    Why Ubuntu?

    Have a look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReiserFS ...and especially read this line Now even though that is dealing with smaller files but still ReiserFS gives better performance than ext3.
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    Nero Burning ROM

    Because it is... Nero is available as a demo download. You will need a key after sometime though (not sure after how many days)... http://www.nero.com/nero7/eng/nero7-up.php
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    Torrent downloads

    This whole long paragraph you wrote just has one conclusion and it is that torrent speed depends on the number of seeders and peers and NOT THE DATE ON WHICH IT WAS CREATED. Seriously man, no matter what happens after 3 years the issue still depends on seeds:peers ratio and not date of creation...
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    Torrent downloads

    Just so that you recollect, this is what you said Now... Why? How does date matter? Will a torrent with 10 as seeds:leech ratio created 2 years ago be slower than one having 0.5 or 1 ratio created yesterday? Why and how does date of creation effect torrent's health? VBTT is just a frontend...
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    hwo to remove associations

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    how to do lan on bluetooth?

    http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Wireless_Programming/Bluetooth/Q_20766049.html This should help you a bit.
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    Torrent downloads

    I have never heard of these two things effecting a torrent speed. Can you shed some light on it and the tracker software that provides the latter feature?
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    how to install linex os on windows pc

    You can also try getting it from your local Linux User Group by posting about it on their mailing lists. You LUG seems to have this site. http://www.ilug-hyd.org.in/ Subscribe to their mailing list by going to "The Linux Community". Then write to them about CDs. Someone will probably send you...
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    Mounting Windows partitions in Ubuntu linux

    Ever considered moving to reiserfs? You are seriously missing lots of performance by using ext3 instead of reiserfs. Not just of Xine... amaroK supports 7 backends and xine is just one of them. you should try amaroK with gstreamer instead of xine. you will get the best experience.
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    Now it is Solaris LIVE!!!!

    wow!!! this looks great and the best thing that i liked about it was in the screenshots. the fonts look absolutely amazing. they would give any windows install a run for its money. check out the fonts and the rendering on this one http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/485_or/10.png
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    Why Ubuntu?

    What is the make/model of your sound card?
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    Why Ubuntu?

    Even though the question was not for me but I would still like to poke my nose. If you are planning a Gentoo installation then imho please try "Stage 1/3 installation" method by Bob P on Gentoo Forums. http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-345229.html Also do put "nptlonly" as use flag in your...
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    Why Ubuntu?

    From the replies relevant to my question posted by it_waaznt_me, GNUrag, e-freak, Satissh S and Srijit, I have derived the following points that seem to be going for Ubuntu in a nutshell Looks like I got what I needed to know :) Thanx a lot for all the replies I got. After reading all these...
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    Why Ubuntu?

    No hard feelings here as well but I wanted to know that why so much hype about Ubuntu. Thats all and the official site you link me to is not much of help. If you have that much of RAM then you won't be needing much swap. If you don't plan on using software suspend then imho you should just...
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    Why Ubuntu?

    What??? I didn't get you. I just wanted to know that which features of Ubuntu is making it get so much hype and you just told me that you are working on god knows how many distros. What did you intend to say? You will never use that much of swap. Use 1.5-2 times of your RAM as swap. That is...
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