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    Questions about my PS3 and playing games purchases from abroad

    I got the 80gb ps3(the one which ships with uncharted and GT 5 prologue). Since new games are expensive in shops or websites like ebay.IN, I thought maybe I could order games from ebay.COM;the games are cheaper over there. So, will my PS 3 run international games from countries like US etc...
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    Which is your favourite genre ?

    The title says it all. Mine are FPS and RPG.
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    Anyone interested in playing COD 1 with me or any Enemy Territory players

    Anyone interested in playing COD 1 with me or any Enemy Territory players.
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    OLD Games forum

    This forum has been dedicated to old games. Which was ur favorite last gen game BTW. Mine was God of War.
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    My favourite weapon is.. I hate...

    Let me start. My favourite weapons are gravity gun(Half Life), sniper rifle I hate steyn
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    help! help! in big trouble

    I want to buy a new computer which can play 2-3 year old games at good resolutions. My budget is 5 to 6 lakhs. Please help
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    Does every game support a reolution of 1440x900 ? At what fps will call of duty 4 run on an xfx 9600gt at a resolution of 1440x900
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    outperforming x360

    :?:will a core 2 duo 2.4 ghz,9600gt or 8800gt , 2 gb raam outperform the xbox360:?:
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    which graphics chips power the X360 and ps3 ?

    Which graphics chips power the X360 and ps3 ?:rolleyes:
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    Buying a graphics card

    I want an nvida graphics card upto 7.5k with a call of duty 4 bundle. Which 1 should I go for
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    Game Screenshots

    Please post screenshots or even HD vedios of the latest PC games like COD 4 on resolutions of 1440x900 as I want to know how good they look on 9600GT
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    Gaming Pc Help

    Please suggest a gaming pc for rs. 35000 :confused:
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