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    Is it to safe to purchase Chinese Phones from online Sites?

    Hi, Just found good cheap Alternates for Samsung S3 , Should i buy one ? Knock Off Archives | Page 2 of 40 | Gizchina.com Anyone brought these Chinese phones ? from any site please share. Thanks
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    Want to buy Mixer with kneadermay be bajaj food processor-FX-11

    Hi Guys, I want to buy bajaj food processor-FX-11 and my main aim is to use its ATTA kneader capacity. I asked for demo but no shop gives demo for this they say "pahle kharido phir demo denge", is it actually work or not ? thanks
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    Wammy Note Samsung competitor

    Hi Friends Wammy Launched 2-3 days ago : Wammy Note , 3g Dual Sim , TV , Wifi Hotspot 5inch screen,ICS Site say : 950 items sold Anyone ever purchased any wammy product ???? only cons i think is low ram 512 Basic Information Model Wammy Note Band :DUAL SIM-2G: GSM...
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    Zen A60 Mobile 3G Dual sim

    Hi, Ok today i saw this review section and thought i should share my mobile experience for this Indian manufacture . Zen A60 Mobile 3G Dual sim Build quality : Good Color : White ONLY 1st Sim : 3g +2G (wcdma) 2nd SIM : 2G/GPRS Processor : MTK 6268 Video Call : Yes Touch Screen ...
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    Spice MI 425

    Hi, Anyone have this Spice MI 425 mobile ( dual sim + 3G )? I want to know is it actually worth buying ? Thanks
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    Tablet with RDP support

    Hi, I need a tablet and want to access my desktop thru RDP support. if any one used this feature in any tablet please share your experience. I am thinking to buy iberry ax03 with 3g support or any Tablet having 3G with ICS. Budget : I want to keep it low Thanks
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    Honda aviator tuff up tube tyre confirmation

    Hi Guys, I m making mind to buy Honda aviator, dealer said that only rear wheel come with tuff up tubes, but my friends who owns the aviator says that aviator comes with tuff tube in both front and rear. Please anyone having aviator pls confirm . in honda website its not clearly...
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    tablet with RDP support Tested ?

    Hi, I m thinking to buy android tablet & to replace my laptop as its bulky & i want to do my work thru RDP for windows & linux vnc. is android tablets support this freely or i have to use paid versions ? i don't know about androids so need advice from u guys . any one used rdp with...
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    Slow 3g internet thru mobile modem in Laptop or pc

    Hi, I am using BSNL 3g , as per i informed that it gives up-to 2 mbits speed thru 3g dongle in my area I have 3 3g Phones 1 nokia 2. samsung hero 3213 3. zen mobile india A60 In all mobile i get only 148Kbits or 15 Kb max speed no matter i m using bluetooth or wired connection speed do not...
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