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    New PC under25K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans:Watching HD movies and internet browsing, most of the times together. 2. What is your overall budget? If you can extend a bit for a more balanced configuration, then mention this too. Ans...
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    CPU cooler that fits in NZXT Gamma

    Hi there My PC's specs are AMD FX 8120 Gigabye 990XA-UD3 2+1 TB Hard Drive 160 gb Intel SSD 12 gb KVR Nvidia 550ti Corsair 500W power supply NZXT Gamma I'm looking for a CPU cooler and the budget is strictly Rs.2,500. I've heard great things about Hyper 212 EVO and...
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    [For Sale] TP Link TL WN721N USB Wifi Adapter

    1. Product on sale: TL-WN721N - Welcome to TP-LINK 2. Price: Rs. 400 3. Reason for sale: The device is not 100% compatible with Windows 8 (my current OS). It works perfectly fine with other versions of Windows 4. Product condition: 9/10, in mint condition 5. Invoice: Available 6. Warranty...
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    lumia 620 or motorola atrix 2

    Hello everyone I currently own motorola fire XT and planning to buy a new phone. My 2 choices are Lumia 620(to be launched in feb) or Motorola Atrix 2(After price drop comes in my budget). I'd like have some suggestions regarding these 2 phones. Please note I won't prefer any phone...
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    Want to buy headphones with mic for PC: Under Rs.1,000

    My brilliant Mosarbaer MB530 finally gave up after 2 years(I broke the wire). Now I want new headphones with mic, my budget is maximum Rs.1000. Please suggest some good headphones. Please don't mention Sennheiser HD 180, already wasted my money on it.
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    Trackpad for Windows 8

    I'm planning to buy a trackpad for my Windows 8 desktop(as soon as MS fix the order process issue). So my query is what all alternatives to Apple's Magic Trackpad do we have for Windows scene under Rs.4,000/-. There's one from Logitech T650 but it cost around 5k and is unavailable in India(...
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    No Display on new motherboard

    My system Config AMD FX8120 Gigabyte 990XA UD3(Bought it today-problem maker) 3X4gb Kingston Value Ram 1+2 TB Hard drive DVD RW Nvidia 550Ti Graphic card Cooler Master 500W PSU I bought this motherboard(990XA UD3) today, after spending hours to setup and assemble the Cabinet when I...
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    Suggestions for AM3+ Motherboard for FX8120

    I want to buy a Motherboard for my AMD FX8120. Budget Rs.9,000 My Current Confug: AMD FX8120 Gigabyte 880GM-USB 3.0 3X4gb Kingston Value RAM 1+2TB WD Hard Drive(2TB is Sata 3.0) ASUS 550ti 1gb DDR5 Cooler Master 500W PSU all residents of NZXT Gamma I bought the Processor and Motherboard 2...
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