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    [For Sale] Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with 3rd party Play n Charge Kit, Wireless PC receiver and USB cable

    For sale is an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with 3rd party Play n Charge Kit, Wireless PC receiver and USB cable Sparingly used, no issues whatsoever. Price: 1000 + Free Shipping Location: Mumbai. I would prefer buyers from Mumbai so that they can come and inspect the items before purchase...
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    [For Sale] Xbox One X 1TB Black

    For sale is an Xbox One X with all the accessories in the box Purchased in June 2018. Pristine condition, no issues whatsoever. Also, reach out to me thru dm about 4 digital games that are included. Price: 23,999 + Free Shipping Location: Bengaluru. I would prefer buyers from Bengaluru so...
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    [For Sale] PS4 Pro 1TB Black

    For sale is a PS4 Pro with all the accessories in the box (protective cover for the controller and two pin plug converters also included). System Software Version: 6.72 (Ahem~able) Purchased in September 2018. Pristine condition, no issues whatsoever. Also, reach out to me thru dm about 5...
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    The CAT 2009 Discussion Thread

    Guys CAT-2009 is already going on all full-swing or rather all mellow considering the issues it has been facing country-wide. So,it would be good if those guys who have 'already' given the CAT-2009 may post their experiences.It would help to clear a lot of fuss that is circulating in the media...
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    hitting the TB mark!

    i am looking for a 1TB internal HDD the choices are obviously, Western Digital GREEN(3 platters)32MB Buffer "WD10EADS" vs Seagate 7200.12(2platters) 32MB Buffer "ST31000528AS" after some reading, i found out that Seagate is cheaper,has better speed,less noise and...
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    NEED HELP in making a LCD TV buying decision!

    Iam planning to buy a new 32" LCD TV(dunno much about Plasmas n there relative advantages&disadvantages) now there's a LG exchange offer going on: 1.Get a LG 32LH20 at 33K or LG 3280UR(JAZZ) at 36K +dvd player,6months DTH and 50dvds free(offer available on select HD ready models) now...
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    FS:Xbox 360 Games + MUs

    FS/WTB:Xbox 360 Games + FS:MUs First the games that I want to buy,PAL only: 1.Gears of War 2 2.Orange Box {Please pm me with u're contact number if possible,coz looking for the above games for one of my friend} Then stuff that I want to sell: Used Stuff: 1.Burnout Revenge{PAL}-499 Rs. 2.Halo...
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    Divide And Rule!

    Need some help on optimising Internet Sharing. Our hostel gets internet thru optical fibres laid between the Central Networking server and the gateway(in our hostel) Due to excessive use of torrents ,Each user(of 100 so) has been restricted maximum 15 connections thru some software running on...
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    Is this deal worth it's salt

    http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110351015527 Planning to buy a LCD TV,,IS this model good enough,,what are the +s and -s,, And secondly,,Since Iam not located in Delhi,,I wont get the 1 year dealer's warranty
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    The Beast Has Gone Into State Of Slumber!!!

    I have a desktop computer,wiz. MSI P45 Neo-F,2x2GB Transcend(800 Mhz),Sapphire HD 4850 512 MB,WDC 640GB Green power,Corsair VX 450W,NZXT Apollo Chassis and Dell US 2208WFP bought on 2nd October,2008.Backup-powered by APC 650 VA I had hell lota viruses and bugs since few days(coz of not...
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    Xbox 360 anyone???

    My xbox 360 DVD drive has gone haywire,,it has just stopped working. i would buy a new disc drive,,but first I need to open my console. So I need to know,whether Xbox 360 opening Kit is available in India,,and at what price?? i have heard of some XCM Xbox 360 unlock kit available in US... No...
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    gimme more POWER!!!

    I have numeric digital 600 ax ups(600va,360W),but the system has 450w corsair smps..512mn ati hd 4850,,,c2d e8400..creative soundbalster audigy value soundcard..msi p45neof..wdc640 green power...4gb transcend 800mhz ram...20x dvd writer ,,,apart frm dat dell us 2208wfp and altec lansing mx...
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    to increase my bandwidth!!!

    Iam able to play DOTA thru the garena client with virtually no lag,,and average upload torrent speed is 30KBPS,,which depends on torrent again..and at times the upload goes to 45KBPS...steady.. Iam buying a new gaming rig(desktop) for myself.and my net connection is thru a 10/100Mbps LAN routed...
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    I wish to buy a descent webcam,1.3MP or more..along with a headfone+mic for video chatting purposes..within 1.5K.. for the headfone+mic,,i prefer less qeight,,ergonomic ones,,than heavy,,cramped ones..sound quality not much of a concern,as to be used only for chatting... c'mon guys..post sumthin!!!
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    New Gaming Rig!!!

    Hey guys n gals, iam new to these forums. Iam planning to buy a new desktop pC for myself,in dis week. My budget is 70K.which would be a gaming rig_multimedia powerhouse Following are my considerations: MOST IMPORTANT CRITERION: 1.Ive a small dorm,,dunno whether to go for 2.1 or 5.1 speaker...
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