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    Windows Seven Game Plan

    Microsoft have not made it easy for Windows XP users to move from Windows XP to Windows Seven.It's not possibe to run installation disk and install windows seven on top of windows XP leaving all the files and programme as it is. Instead there are two options a) Clean Install, in which the...
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    Custom Windows XP

    hI guys, Need a step by step instructions to create a custom windows XP installation:shock: with service pack 3 and Windows XP post service pack 3 Update Pack. Using N LITES :|
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    [By Demand] May 2010

    A simple request Fast Track to Upgrade Your P.C Fast track TO WINDOWS 7 OR Fast track to troubleshoot your P.C ? Digit open source project
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    Internet Explorer soars new heights with IE9

    Just Test Drive Version Not the Full Version. Safari is better in compared to that of Internet Explorer. This is just a Last minute Effort by Microsoft to get on the race.
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    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    ROAD Rash JAail Brealk Need For Speed Most Wanted
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    Video problem in Windows &

    Dear sumangh01, 720P or 1080p Try to play the vedio in windows media 12, Get a graphics card which can handle these resoulations and a monitor capable of playing HD vedios.
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    From the Editor's Desk

    Dear Rababoo About the February Issue. The front cove was just Awesome.Following a LETTER FROM THE Editor was a surprise package. It the coming issue please provide a wide screen wallpaper of the February issue. This month the balance was just right between content and real world stories...
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    Google Wave invites!!!

    hi there. Can you guys please tell me what's the OFFICIAL ADDRESS FOR DIGIT MAZAZINE WAVE? thanks :lol:
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    Fastest Browser..(based on personal experience)

    In my experience the title of fastest browser goes to OPERA V 10.10 There no doubt about it. AS FAR AS PORTABLE VERSION OPERA AT USB "opera@usb" Firefox comes second, third is safari and Google crome tire between them.In the bottom is I explorer
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    Fast Track to OpenSolaris Feedback Thread

    HI, Thanks for the FAST TRACK TO OPEN SOLAR IS. Just started with IT.
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    [By Demand] March 2010

    Free software c cleaner Advance system care advance IMPORTANTa FAST TACK TO WINDOWS 7 ---------- Post added at 12:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:51 PM ---------- IMPORTANTa FAST TACK TO WINDOWS 7 free Software C-cleaner Advance system care advance FULL VERSION
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    Preview + Feedback [February 2010]

    Any subscription offers from readers outside? INDIA
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