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    Cost Effective Replacement for CM Elite Power RS-350-PSAR-I3

    Hey guys, So my PSU short circuited (thanks to my kid) and now I am looking for a cost effective replacement. I am going to ditch my current desktop soon (built in 2011) so don't want to spend too much on the new PSU. Are there any good options available under 2k? System Config - MotherBoard...
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    Need help starting my laptop search

    Hey friends, posting after a long long time. So I have to buy a new laptop soon and I am not in sync with the laptop market with so many companies and new models trickling in everyday. I have some requirements in mind and am seeking guidance and suggestions from fellow geeks on what price...
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    Need help dual booting Windows7 on Dell Vostro 3560 with UEFI

    Hi friends, I have to install Windows 7 alongside Windows 8 on a Dell Vostro 3560 laptop. The problem is that it comes with the new UEFI boot time firmware. Now I tried following a guide on eightforums to do so but with no success. link to the post The problem came in creating the uefi and gpt...
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    Good Book or Tutorial Link For Learning advance crystal reports

    hey fellow coders, I need some links or books or other such resources to learn some advanced use of crystal reports in VB/VB.Net. What i primarily want to learn is to how to programmatically change the data source, parameters etc. of a report.. Also want to learn how to automatically generate...
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    Suggest a fast PDA phone arnd 25k

    hey all, i need to buy a good looking fast PDA phone arnd 25k, so what are my options. My basic requirements are wi-fi, good camera and fast and smooth performance as i need to multitask. So please suggest some good PDAs in my budget. Thanks in advance to all those who take out tym to reply...
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    International warranty on Asus mobo

    hello all, I am planning to get my asus mobo from dubai but dont know about the state of international warranty on asus products, So can anyone tell me that whether they provide warranty for products purchased from dubai in india or not,........
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    suggestions needed for mobo and gpu

    hello all, well I am planning to buy a new mobo+processor+gpu, so i need suggestion from u ppl. Mu budget is 10k for each product(total 30k). I do hav some wish list for my mobo which is : 1:It should have Wi-fi onboard or bundled wid it. 2:It should have two IDE ports to connect my existing...
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