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    incorrect gps position on my phone????

    hi guys i was checking my location on my htc legend with google maps. it shows akola as my position whereas i am in mumbai. y is that? wht cud be wrong?
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    are sdrams still available???

    hi guys, just took out my old pc from storage. its working fine but has low ram 128mb which does not allow smooth running of win xp. so was wondering if sd rams are still available so that i can upgrade it. ebay shows few vendors but i donno if its genuine. plz reply if u guys have any info.
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    wht do with an old p3 machine?

    hi guys, i just removed an old machine from my storage. chked it, still working. the config is as follows: p3 800mhz intel 815 chipset sd ram 128mb 20gb hdd modem lan card etc. wht shud i do with this?? is it possible to exchange it for a new machine for some discount?
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    how should i get a laptop from USA?

    hi guys My aunt is coming back from USA. So how should i get a laptop from there. is it possible to book online on american sites (Dell, sony,apple) using indian credit card and then take the delivery in the us? thx
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    push email on E51 ???

    i am able to use push email on nokia e51 but only through wifi. i am unable to get it to sync via gprs. is there any setting i am missing. plz lemme know. thx
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    an1 here used the Nokia E52 plz help me decide

    hi guys i wanted to buy nokia E52. have read reviews on the net from gsmarena, mobileburn etc. the reviews have been positive on this one. but when i checked the nokia discussion forums users complain of poor call quality buggy firmware etc. well updates have come for these issues. any of u guys...
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    how is the audio quality on htc legend??

    hi guys after a month of searching have zeroed in on htc legend. but one thing to confirm before i buy it. how is the audio quality for mp3s and mp4 videos. read somewhere the headfone that comes with it isnt that good. any idea??? and one more thing i understand the speaker is at the back that...
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    next gen iphone spotted again

    chk this out : http://www.gsmarena.com/the_nextgen_iphone_spotted_again_this_time_in_vietnam-news-1649.php
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    is it possible to install mac os on dell inspiron 1420??

    hi guys wanted to install mac os on dell inspiron 1420. is it possible. if yes where do i get the drivers for the same. thx
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    Need a phone with atleast 8-10hrs of talktime ??

    hi guys need a phone with longer talktime. does not need to be feature reach basic functionality like fm, color screen, mp3 etc is ok. but only suggest me nokia, sony ericsson or samsung. have seen spice max etc. but they are too slow.] thx
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    Need advice on buying iphone from us?

    hi guys need to know on where and how to buy the iphone 3gs from us. one of my relatives has gone there, will be returning soon. can i get a phone without contract from there?? reply
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    Nokia announces Nokia N8 - Symbian 3 Phone

    hi guys nokia just announced its first smartphone on symbian 3 platform for mutitouch capabilities.it has 12 megapixel camera, xenon flash, hd quality recording etc. chk this link http://events.nokia.com/NokiaN8 not sure of the release though.
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    need suggestions for a touchscreen phone ???

    hi all need suggestions on which touchscreen phone to buy from the below: nokia n97 mini, samsung omnia hd, apple iphone 3gs, sony xperia x10 budget upto 25-30k.
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    whats the price of iphone 3g and 3gs??

    hi guys wanted to know the latest prices of iphone 3g and 3gs if an1 has any idea. also suggest me from where should i buy it in mumbai.
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    canon or samsung multifunction printer????

    hello all, wud like ur suggestions on which brand to go for multifunction laser printer samsung or canon. i have zeroed in on canon 4350d and samsung 4521f printers. i wud like to buy one of them but not sure which brand is better in terms of service and product reliability. thx
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    need a config with mini itx

    i want to buy a pc with mini itx motherboard. can u suggest a config. i need core 2 duo processor with 2gb ram and 250 gb hdd. gfx card not needed. thx
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    which brand to go for multifunction printers?

    hi all, wanted to know which brand is preferable in all in one(fax,copy,scan) laserjet printer. canon or hp? i have heard hp mutifunction printers are not reliable. also this months digit magazine has mfd reviews but not a single one from hp. are they not known for their MFDs.
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    which is the smallest cabinet possible???

    hi guys i need a pc for my office. since i have less space on my desk i need a compact cabinet that does not take much space. i checked those inbuilt pcs from dell and lenovo. but i wanted to configure the pc myself. plz suggest something.
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    required a mobile phone with a longer battery life??

    hi need a phone with longer talktime. other features are not so important. wud prefer a nokia phone. i looked at 6720 classic with talktime of 8 hrs. is it good enough?thx
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    what to do with 2 isp connections on one pc??

    hi i had an internet connection previously which is 256 kbps. now i got a new 1mbps connection for downloads. now my 256 line is left unused with 6 months subscription remaining. wht can be done with it? can i use an extra lan card on pci to use that? is it possible to use both the...
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