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    3D Blueray disc availability in India

    I am looking for a 3D Blueray movies in India (india region). I knew Sony is giving away 9 3D Blueray discs free with its 3DTVs. But I bought a Samsung 3DTV 4 months back and unfortunately Samsung is not giving even a single DEMO 3D Blueray. Too bad. So anyone knows if any 3D blueray discs...
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    Mac OS on your Windows PC using VirtualBox ?

    The latest VirtualBox version do support Mac OS, Has anyone tried installing Mac OS over your Windows PC using VirtualBox? Is it worth buying the OS, just incase if this works ? Can anyone share their experience? i.,e. is there any frequent errors, crashes, network, USB ..etc works ? I have...
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    Where to buy ORIGINAL latest PC games?

    I am looking for the latest PC games like Batman-Arkam Asylum, Mini Ninjas ...etc. Any idea from where I can buy these, I am in Bangalore. Any online stores ? I have searched and found none. Thanks in advance for sharing the info.
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